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    Stone Blue, 2017 Sierra Z71, 4x4, SLT, Dbl Cab
  1. Temp gauge? I guess they’ll take mine in a hurry for that non dimming backup camera. sounds questionable unless that’s the story gm is giving your dealer
  2. I have Bose in my g35 and now my Sierra, I wouldn’t touch them the quality of sound is great imo. Now if you want rear view mirror vibrating so hard that you cannot see behind you then bose ain’t gonna do it.
  3. I did but was so pissed at the work I refused to let him go back under my truck. Lol.
  4. Ijs, since the change I’ve seen that increase. Maybe unrelated but it looks good
  5. Maybe the iOS 11.2 update may help us out
  6. I just put on a 12198 mf muffler and it increased my in town mpg from 9 to 13. Flapper still installed, no 3rd resonator. Sounds great.
  7. Upon further inspection of the welding, the dude was apparently taught by Stevie Wonder. His work is horrible!!! Exhaust leaks from not welding the top portion of the pipe, crooked turn downs. I’m going to have to get this redone. Only good: He didn’t butcher my flapper. Only cost $40, u get what u pay for. The sound, sounds like the 4 horsemen coming. Went from 9mpg in town to 13mpg.
  8. So it’s xm that’s doing the traffic and weather! I thought it was onstar, so now I really don’t need to renew my onstar, I do like having the hotspot tho!! can’t live without my xm.
  9. Oh I removed Eve from the muffler back and installed muffler turned down before rear axle
  10. THats what I thought!! It’s kinda cool almost like my G35. Thanks guys
  11. I just installed a magnaflow muffler 12198, sounds good. Truck has more pep now. I dont know if my truck alwys did this but it is very noticeable now when coming to a stop as it goes through the gears. Is this normal? also the rpms seem to hang when slow maneuvering like in parking lots. I hope im not messing anything up.
  12. If it does it when it’s cold I’ll definitely take it in, only 1800 miles
  13. I Know. I wonder if it does the same thing when its cold.
  14. My ac seem to automatically adjust the temps regardless of what is set on. I can have the blower on lowest setting and it will crank up to hi for a while then go back down. Real weird but I wonder if it has something to do with efficiency. Also recir doesn’t come on when it does this.

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