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  1. Real talk hearing that excerpt, which I think is one of his sermons made the hairs stand up all over. The commercial was not distasteful at all, it was triumphantly graceful!! Should ram have used it during black history month, Hell yeah, they killed 2 birds with one stone and get a 👍🏾 For honoring bhm . I’m pretty sure the King family approved😉 Now why I’m pissed is that it should’ve been the 2019 Sierra making its debut, that would’ve killed the show lol.
  2. Think warranty If it has any, even tho they hv to prove the mod is the cause. If no warranty mod away or choose warranty friendly mods.
  3. I don’t think it’s those shutters. They wouldn’t pulse more like flutter. What makes you you think it’s the shutters? I hv a Sierra with a bigger opening and I’m smooth as glass up to 100, lol.
  4. WTB stock exhaust, 2017 Sierra dc

    Let me check but I could use the flapper on back. How much?
  5. Haven’t driven that long, usually shut it off when I twist the key. Nothing is on auto!
  6. My 17 does this. There is a setting in the infotainment for this but with remote start depending on the temp. its coming on regardless. I would like to not have it come on all the time, seems like it will burn out prematurely if it continues.
  7. Mine is loud too, lol. Gotta love that remote start tho. I use the app at my desk to start when I’m at work
  8. Any write up? Not very electrically inclined
  9. Probably because the sound is more pronounced when outside the vehicle. -40 sounds life changing, lol.
  10. Do they turn on n off with the raising n lowering of the hood? If so I’m interested very!
  11. I love the smooth car like feel. It’s power is great, too much to name. My truck is fantastic!
  12. I am the same way. It felt so good turning that dial lol.
  13. No blowing snow. The truck was parked for maybe 10 minutes.
  14. I left mine in 4hi with no problems. I parked in the grass. I need to go back thru the manual because that bang was loud and could be felt.

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