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  1. Loctite and look up the torque specs to ensure you are tightening it to spec.
  2. Just got a firmware update on the radio for a similar issue, even though my truck is only a few months old. Service bulletin #17-NA-025 and while that bulletin doesn't list this issue (from what I've read) it seems to be working so far. BTW, it didn't matter which USB port I used and it also was not recognizing a flash drive. This was an intermittent issue for me.
  3. TPMS has to be relearned after each tire rotation. The tire shop can do this for you, you can pick up a tool on Amazon, and/or follow the procedure in the Owner's Manual. The TPMS are set to each specific corner upon each relearn and they do not automatically relearn if you rotate the tires.
  4. I've been looking for a manageable way to get my playlists and songs from iTunes to a flash drive to play in Mylink (2017 LTZ). I've seen a few solutions out there that mostly revolve around editing the playlists files, but those are not practical for me as I can't copy over my entire music file to a flash drive. My solution involves an Android phone or tablet (sorry iPhone users). Items needed: Android phone or tablet Synctunes app from Play Store (paid version) PC Flash drive Synctunes is an app I found to get my iTunes songs and playlists over to my Android phone easily. I like iTunes for album and playlist management. The app has two components - one on the PC, one on the phone. On the PC, it connects to iTunes and reads the playlists. You choose the playlists you want to send to your phone and when you connect your phone, Synctunes will send over the playlists and the songs while maintaining the file structure of the songs (i.e. Artist>Album>Song). This makes it easy for me to play my iTunes playlists on my Android phone with the phone's built in music player. I copied over about 15 playlists and 2500 songs. I then physically connect the phone to the PC with a USB cable and copy the songs to the PC. You can copy straight to the flash drive from the phone but it will likely be a longer process than copying from phone to PC, then PC to flash drive. In Synctunes, you can state whether you store music with the internal storage or external, if you have it. The actual location is not intuitive, so look at the storage address in the phone app. So I navigate the folders in the phone and copy all of the folders into a temp folder on the PC. I then put the flash drive into the PC and copy over the contents of the temp folder to the flash drive. At the root (top) level of the flash drive you should see your playlist files and your Artists folders. You should not have a "Music" or other similar top level folder. I put the flash drive in my truck and it took about 3-4 minutes for Mylink to read the file structure, but it's all there. All of my playlists and dozens of artist folders with hundreds of subfolders. I'm sure people have other solutions but this one worked well for me.
  5. Found a TSB which has replacing USB hub as a possible solution. Date ReportedAUGUST 02, 2016 NHTSA Reference#10082422 TSB Reference#16NA242 Description: THIS TECHNICAL BULLETIN PROVIDES DIAGNOSTIC TIPS TO HELP CORRECT MULTIPLE CONCERNS REGARDING THE USB PORT BEING INOPERATIVE OR UNABLE TO PLAY MUSIC THROUGH THE USB PORT. SB-10082422-5448 (USB TSB).pdf
  6. 2017 LTZ with 8" MyLink. Periodically the truck fails to recognize USB devices when I start the truck, including USB flash drives and my phone via Android Auto. If I press the Media button, I see the phone via Bluetooth but I do not see the flash drive. It doesn't matter which USB port I use and the music was playing via the flash drive before I shut off the truck. The Projection button on the radio screen does not change to Android Auto as it would do under normal operation. This will likely be a warranty issue but if anyone's seen it beforehand so I can point the dealer in the right direction that would be helpful. Video
  7. Except Parthery posted above that his dealer is willing to replace the torque converter if the other troubleshooting steps do not resolve it. And others have posted that rebalancing has fixed it for them. It does seem that different solutions apply to different vehicles and it all starts by going back to the dealer and beginning the troubleshooting process.
  8. iOttie uses a sticky suction cup that is known to pull up or tear finishes on dashboards that are not just plastic. For example, a Lexus dash with a leather liner is easily ruined and I'm not willing to test it on our padded dashes. Look up the reviews on products like https://smile.amazon.com/iOttie-Universal-Holder-Samsung-Packaging/dp/B01BZC262Q/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1507827082&sr=8-3&keywords=iottie+car+mount
  9. Agree, start with the simple things. There's no guarantee the tires are balanced or that it didn't come with a bad tire.
  10. iOttie makes some good mounts, however, I would not use the sticky suction cup mount on our dashboards. Their mounts can be rotated vertical or horizontal.
  11. I use one though mostly for rental cars. The drawback is that it forces the direction of airflow and it may be slightly different than you want. I've also had it pop off a few times on bigger bumps. That said, I still prefer it to a window mount. I use a non-magnetic one as the magnetic ones may interfere with wireless charging. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B017HME9DC/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If you want a great mount try Pro Clip. http://www.proclipusa.com/vehicle/dashboard-mounts/9734-chevrolet-silverado-1500-series/2014. Expect to spend about $70.
  12. A stiffer frame allows the suspension designers to design a better suspension, so a stiffer frame actually may result in a better ride as the suspension can do the job its supposed to do without having to compensate for frame flex.
  13. Paid core charges on plenty of new parts. You can't have reconditioned parts unless they had cores to recondition. Calipers and power steering pumps come to mind, though admittedly I can't see them reconditioning light housings.

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