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  1. Hey guys, I have a nice set of Metallic Brown door handles off my 2015 Silverado CCSB. I upgraded to chrome handles, so I don't have a use for these anymore. $60 shipped
  2. Centerconsole Jumpseat

    Shipping companies really take advantage of you with big stuff like that. I couldn't find anything under $240.
  3. Centerconsole Jumpseat

    Goodluck dude, I barely got $300 for mine and it was leather. I sold it locally on craigslist.
  4. Anzo U-Bar Headlights

    I notice you replaced them with H11, but I thought you were suppose to replace with a H7 casing like the ones it came with?
  5. Anzo Projector U-Bar Headlights

    What type of bulb are you using?
  6. You're not really saving if you payments are now 7 more years than before. rough estimate
  7. PRISTINE Chrome Door Handles FS

    Sold. Thanks again bud.
  8. When I talked to fedex and UPS about that, they mention that if the box is huge and takes up room they charge you more for the space it uses up. Meaning that you are tying up real estate in their trucks for other packages that they can be charging for. Yea, I also spoke with a couple of people on ebay to see how they quoted $80 to $100 and they all told me that they make up the difference in the price of the unit. Freight is a little more even cause of the real estate it takes up too. Wanna hear the funny story of how I got stuck with this little beauty: I thought I purchased it on ebay, after talking and negotiating a descent price with the seller and I don't know if our emails crossed but I got an email in the middle of the night from a seller telling me that if I don't purchase the item right away he will not have time to ship it that morning. so I was half asleep purchasing this item on my watch list, but lone and behold. I have already purchased it and now i was buying another one from another seller. lmao It was the only 1 in my watch list and i remember telling myself "that's funny, I thought I was watching two different ones, oh well". lol yup, so when I got the tracking number for the second one I was like wtf and it was too late to cancel. hahahahahahaha I thought i would share that funny @ss story. Well, it was funny till my wife seen the account they came out of. She thought I bought another gun. lol Well anyways, when it officially arrives I will be posting it. Thank you for the interest, Joe
  9. I haven't received it yet, but it should be here by this Saturday (fingers crossed). I have a couple of people interested in it, but shipping is too much so i'm trying to keep it local (California). In hopes that I can just meet up with someone to sell it. The last one I sold and shipped was a jumper seat and shipping for that was around $200 and it was almost half its size.
  10. PRISTINE Chrome Door Handles FS

    What's your lowest on just the door handles?
  11. Cool! Also, the shipping for me was like $300 and yours is only $60. That's crazy
  12. You can put in your info and and desired color at this site and it will give you the part #'s you need. https://www.newgmparts.com/
  13. Just visited the site and with shipping it's over $1000. but hey. If you have that kind of money go get it.
  14. Where can they purchase these at? Giving a price with no link doesn't help.

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