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  1. You can probably learn all you need to know from AMMO NYC and Chemical Guys on Youtube. You don't need everything Chemical Guys pitch, but some of it is nice and can make things easier. I'd recommend searching for "AMMO TRAINING ACADEMY" if you want to kill a couple hours with a guy who is OCD about cleaning cars Here's what I did: Rinsed the truck to get rid of the large contaminants - I was shaded pretty good and was going to wash it anyway so I wasn't too worried about it drying. Washed and rinsed the wheels, bumpers, and exhaust tip (dedicated bucket) Another rinse I washed it using the two bucket method (the other two buckets) Final rinse Dried it off with microfiber towels and took it home (it was still kind of dirty because light pressure during the wash doesn't get it all) Clay barred it in the shade using a quick detaling wax for lubrication Applied sealant with my DA polisher and a light/medium hex CG buffer pad and buffed it off by hand Applied liquid with my DA polisher and an ultra fine (black) hex CG pad and buffed it off by hand Things I used: Three buckets (two homer buckets, one small random for the wheels) California Gold Clay Bar System (comes with a quick detailing spray) California Gold Car Wash Chemical Guys White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish Mothers Ultimate Liquid Wax Harbor Freight 6" Dual Action Polisher Chemical Guys 5" DA backing plate to replace the horrid HF one (BUFLC_BP_DA_5) CG 5" black hex pad (finishing) CG 5" white hex pad (light buff) and so many plush microfiber towels. so many. The dusting was done with copious amounts of cursing and a microfiber duster I picked up from Target.
  2. Washed, clay barred, sealant and waxed. Looked great until the lawn crew blew all the dead grass clippings and dirt all over it. Looked like an idiot dusting a truck but I damn well did it.
  3. I think that was me and no, she has a 2015 and I have a 2017. The GM parts system says they're the same so I'm likely wrong about them being different. They look different to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. I'd have to tick the boxes to delete the interior and sticker packages. Houndstooth? /shudder WC_LTZ is right, that's the package cost. This article goes into more details on what they did but it mentions: "The base package, which includes all of the aforementioned features, demands $46,995 plus the cost of the truck" http://www.trucktrend.com/news/1802-wild-800hp-2018-yenko-sc-chevrolet-silverado-now-available-at-dealers/
  5. They're not the same color. My wife has an Olympic White Impala and my Summit White Silverado is a hair bluer (or her Impala is a shade more yellow if you prefer.) Put some distance between them and you can't tell, but up close and side by side it is noticeable. GM says I'm wrong: JeremyW426's post below
  6. That's what I want to know too
  7. TL;DR (or watch) of the video: Straight: 362,3hp - 366,0ft-lb H - Pipe: 360,8hp - 370,1ft-lb X - Pipe: 362,1hp - 369,9ft-lb
  8. Saw a write up on Jalopnik about doing this with high temp primer and paint from the local auto store. Might do the trick. Prep is likely key. https://jalopnik.com/painting-your-exhaust-why-how-and-what-it-looks-like-1717071689
  9. I'll get there eventually I'm sure. Right now it's just right for me.
  10. From recent experience, I'm going to say you'll notice any new muffler that is louder than stock .. at first. I recently put a Carven R series on in place of the stock muffler and flapper valve. I left all the cats/resonators in place and it has a nice growl at low RPM, but you'll notice it at highway RPMs. It isn't anything that can't be covered up with a little bit of radio since the trucks are pretty quiet, but I definitely paid more attention to it at first. The R series is their most aggressive model, but with the rest of the stock exhaust in place it isn't obnoxious. I may pull the third cat at some point in the future.

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