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  1. Told the dealer I lost steering a lot and finally got this. It also hurt my thumbs when the steering wheel jerks back. Anyone know how they are going to fix this? Any possible solutions for myself just in case they can't fix it?
  2. Just got my retrax powertrax pro mx for my truck. Am I able to wire this to the Alpine KAC-001 accessories controller or it only opens and closes with the fob provided?
  3. I ordered some tools to do it. If you want to do it at the same time. I saw the install video on youtube, but that made it seem easy.
  4. Anyone want to help me install some things on my truck? I got the retrax powertrax pro mx cover, alpine x-110 sra, alpine pss-31gm, bussman fuse box, alpine hdmi switch, alpine camera selector, alpine accessory controller. I'm try to install at end of this month, waiting for all of it to come in. Still, waiting on my dash camera to come in also.
  5. I dont like the underseat either, would like a removable center console for the rear if possible. Seems no one makes it though.
  6. Says code doesnt apply to the retrax I want. I'll try to call later.
  7. Im looking at the retrax power pro mx, any know a website that has a good price? Or a better powered cover? Must allow me to use paypal.
  8. Just ordered it on credit, too many accidents around my area...
  9. Any one know what part number for the red back lighting switches? Are these red? HLS1692 Dimmer switch 22852357 Shift switch
  10. How much is that? Line-X seems strong, but does it stain easy?
  11. I'm getting the 22'' OEM ones but powder black with the insert cardinal red. I'm have the red line decal on my truck so I'm put a bit of red. I hate not having my truck, think I can get a discount since they forgot the ceramic coating and made me wait longer? Also, they are still waiting on my rear window tint...
  12. It only has 1k miles on it so far and seems to happen when I'm turning which scares me. My 14 never gave me this feeling. My dealer said to go to a local service department. I've never had to deal with warranty. Do I bring the vehicle to the dealer and ask them to look at it? Is the local service department a chevy repair center?

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