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  1. DL3 mirrors with K40 option

    ttt New price $375 shipped
  2. Trucks and BBQ

    Made some brisket on the smoker today.
  3. Prayers needed for George Springer

    Who is George Springer ???
  4. DL3 mirrors with K40 option

    Selling a pair of DL3 powerfold mirrors with chrome caps. The mirrors were removed from a 2016 GMC Denali 2500 diesel with the K40 option. The passenger mirror has the temp sensor probe at the bottom of the mirror housing. Driver side P/N: 23180074 Passenger side P/N: 23186412 $400 shipped
  5. I have a 2017 GMC Sierra SLE Elevation Edition that came from the factory with DL8 mirrors. That is non power fold, heated and power adjust. I just installed a pair of factory DQS power fold tow mirrors last weekend. The answer to your question is YES you can add DQS mirrors on a 2017. I had to modify my door harness but with a bit of research on this forum and a lot of help from pgamboa it works. I had to install a wire each for the clearance lamp, signal lights and cargo lamp circuits plus I had to splice in a ground wire. I also had to buy the proper mirror adjust/mirror fold switch assembly from my dealer (a week and a half wait). So I have the power fold function, power mirror adjust, heated glass (defrost), signal, clearance and cargo lights. I cant comment about mirror memory or mirror tilt in reverse as my truck don’t have those features.
  6. A question about the factory DQS power fold tow mirrors. Can the mirrors fold manually without doing any damage to the motor mechanism that folds the mirror?
  7. Mine also starts with 3. No problems so far after 7 months and 8,000 miles.
  8. What does the "3" mean in the VIN ?
  9. Rear shock recommendations

    Install some Air Lift 5000 airbags
  10. Ever wonder why GM didn't put a rear swaybar on to the 1500 series trucks? I noticed Dodge has them on their 1500 RAM pickups. I see Hellwig has an aftermarket rear swaybar that bolts right up. Now for all those that will say do a search, I did do a search but that post is old. I was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with installing one on your truck. Did it make any difference in handling? Now how about guys with lifted trucks? I have a 6" BDS lift. Can you use the swaybar with longer end links? I'm trying to determine if it's even worth it. I had a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee and had my factory swaybar removed and them bought a bigger diameter aftermarket (Addco) swaybar. And to be honest I didn't feel any difference between the stock swaybar, no swaybar and the Addco swaybar. But then again that's a different vehicle...
  11. Trucks and BBQ

    There's no real set time on cooking a brisket. I always say it's done when it's done. When I was starting out I was reading http://amazingribs.com/table_of_contents.html a lot. It's very informative. Here's a video of Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas. http://video.klru.tv/video/2365494916/ I would also recommend buying a decent two (or three) probe digital thermometer. It's the most important tool you can have for BBQ'n and smoking.
  12. Friendly reminder to always check your blindspots everyone!

    Hope this never happens to any of the members here.
  13. What did you do to your "other" car (aka musclecar) today

    After high school I wanted to put a 440 in it. But at that time it was too much work for me. Having it parked and working on it in my parent's driveway was a bit challenging. My mom used to yell at me for having old car parts lying around the yard and having dirty hands all the time. It's always strange looking back and thinking what the car could have been. A friend of a friend had a built 440 for sale. I didn't want to get involved with custom motor mounts and custom fenderwell headers. The stance wouldn't have looked right either. I remember with fenderwell headers I would have had to crank up the torsion bars to raise the front end to prevent the exhaust from hitting the ground.... I'm sure it would have been somewhat quicker though. 🤔
  14. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    I spotted this last year while towing my boat along the highway. I saw the wheel wobbling in the side mirror and pulled over right away. I was lucky the tire didn't blow while on the road. You can see that the profile of the tread is curved. No the rim isn't bent. The cords within the tire must have broke. I think the tire was just too old. Goodyear Marathons are what I use inflated to 40 psi. I carry a spare and the correct lug wrench for the trailer....
  15. Trucks and BBQ

    That's a very nice looking smoker, especially for the price you paid for it. I like how big the firebox is. Do you have baffles to keep the temps consistent in the cook chamber? One thing I might do if it were mine is to change out the stack for a longer and bigger diameter one. But it looks like it's doing a pretty darn good job at smoking meats...!!

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