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  1. When i was put into a 17’ Silverado DC V6 as a rental, I could not believe the throttle response compared to my 2014. My Silverado is a v8 so im sort of stunned by this. I have already done the gas pedal shim mod and it helped, but its still way far away from the throttle response of the 17 i drove. I also currently have a 2018 Tahoe as a rental and the throttle response is excellent as well. Will getting a tuner make throttle response similar on my 14 to that of a 17’?
  2. Listen to this guy! Stay away from those Ecoboost motors
  3. Thanks for posting this and sorry about the long day at work! One thing not on here is the truck originally came with 22” wheels and at some point they were switched to the 20” ltz wheels. Im guessing this was in an attempt to fix the vibration.
  4. Vin sent to Grizz. I have allowed him to post my Carfax as long as he crops out the vin. Hopefully it helps someone out. The dealership accidentally rotated the tires against my request (i like plugged/patched tires on the back). This thing is so smooth now. New tires are a must in my future. Also, i was given a 2017 Silverado as a rental while my truck was being fixed and my truck definitely rides and drives smoother than that thing. Thanks
  5. I picked the truck up this morning and everything went smoothly. GM Certified warranty covered the parts (they replaced everything listed in the TSB). The truck idles quieter and the brake pedal feels better when i need to really get on the brakes. So far im a happy man
  6. Antenna Leak

    Sorry to hear your having this issue. Hopefully once you get it fixed it will never happen again. I would repost this in the appropriate forum for your year and model truck. You may get better responses and even some ways to fix this without paying the dealership. Take care
  7. Dealership called and said the truck was finished! Ill advise how everything goes tomorrow after i pick it up.
  8. Almost looks like someone used an abrasive scrub pad to remove something on the paint. How does that area of paint feel compared to other areas?
  9. I know this isn’t going to help alot but when i was looking at buying my truck, I couldn’t believe the amount of parts that they replaced right after it was bought new. There is no doubt it had the shake. They changed the front differential, drive shaft, tires and more. I honestly cant even remember all the stuff they changed. In saying this, this truck drives and rides really good. I believe this shake issue can be fixed or mostly fixed but im guessing its an expensive fix due to the list of items they replaced. This is also on junk Goodyear LS2 that are approaching the end of there life and has multiple plugs in multiple tires and have never been rebalanced. If anyone wants to send me $39.99, id be glad to grab the carfax and post it so everyone can look at it
  10. Thanks for this. The dealership said that they have to replace all the items listed at the bottom of the page you posted. They said all the parts should be in tomorrow. Ill update this post when its done.
  11. Luckily i was only going 10 MPH and went to hit the brakes to stop. When i hit them, the pedal was hard as a rock and the vehicle continued to roll. After applying a considerable amount of pressure, it finally stopped. I was a few inches from hitting the car infront of me. I shut the truck off and back on and the pedal and brakes returned to normal. I am able to reproduce by pumping the brakes 2 or 3 times. On the 3rd or 4th pump, the pedal gets rock hard and the truck rolls for several feet before stopping. Im at the dealer now and waiting for a diagnosis. I have only had the truck 2 months (2014 Silverado with 77k miles). Anyone else have this happen? This scared the crap out of me.
  12. I have a 14’ silverado crew cab with an 8” screen and non-bose. Im not really happy with the volume of the stereo (i have moderate hearing loss in my right ear) and am wondering if upgrading the speakers will help? Im not a bass head and feel the bass is enough. Im just looking for volume and clarity. Also, is it possible to upgrade the speakers and keep the doors nice and tight like they are now? I dont like rattles from loose parts. Thanks guys!
  13. I always used quick detail spray and a tooth brush. Wipe with a clean, soft cloth.

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