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  1. Nice! I'm from Balt. County as well, I live near White Marsh Mall and work in Towson.
  2. Lets See Some Towing Pics!

    Towing my boat home from Ocean City back to Baltimore. Was a smooth 3hr ride home.
  3. Thanks txab! I noticed yesterday also that Photobucket no longer allows free 3rd party photo sharing. Here is a picture of my truck.
  4. Hey Everyone, I am a new (registered) member to the forum but have been trolling for over a year now since I've owned my 2015 Silverado. I have gathered a lot of information and knowledge about my truck and future plans/mods I'd like to complete thanks to other members here. One mod in particular was upgrading to Tow Mirrors since I recently bought a boat. It looks like this upgrade will be coming sooner rather then later. Yesterday on my way home from work I clipped at tree and shattered my passenger side mirror. I plan to get a hold of pgamboa to get his custom PnP harness and use 1A Auto mirrors. Thanks for all the knowledge thus far and I look forward to chatting with everyone!

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