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  1. "brenco30" I believe is who I bought mine from. He's referenced a few times in this thread. Received it in about a week and very well packaged
  2. All work is done inside the cab. 100% The tech must have thought you meant something else, as the transmission has nothing to do with the console or related parts
  3. You can always check to be sure, but others have stated there being no carpet. Could be covered with a mat over the center hump though
  4. You'll have a bare spot in the middle floor board where the carpeting is not there. Easily covered with a weathertech floor mat. You'll also need the ashtray piece of the dash. Couple on here have done it, just go back a couple pages. Shameless plug: I have a black leather jump seat available if you're interested and black ashtray piece. No scratches or marks. Roughly one month old. PM if interested
  5. Looking forward to this! I've had a console sitting in my living room for a couple days waiting for this to be ready!
  6. Anyone know off hand what part number or size the two bolts are that hold the front bracket? I remember seeing it in this thread but do not feel like searching 80+ pages lol I know some just mount it using just the tabs but I would be more comfortable having the bolts in it.
  7. It comes with a metal mounting plate. 4 self-tapping screws secures it to the plastic console/dash trim. To eliminate making a hole, you could glue the metal plate on the INSIDE of the console/dash piece. I did this with the wife's Honda Accord (she didn't want 4 screws in her dash). The magnet is strong enough to hold to the dash and hold a Glock 19 in a holster
  8. I have a go-magnet. Have one in each vehicle and a few around the house. They are strong enough to work through a holster. https://go-mags.net/
  9. Wow, I'll definitely interested when you get this together. I'm not electrical savvy by no means but I can land some USB cables if I have a part number or link to order from LOL
  10. @pgamboa is your plug & play kit going to be for a console with 2 front USB or 3 front USB? Awesome details and descriptions btw!
  11. Any difference other than wireless charger and non-movable cup holders between the 2015 and 2017 models? Looks like I would rather have the 2015 center console to for my 17 since it has moveable cup holders and a tray underneath. I do not care for a wireless charger, my 17 jump seat doesn't have one anyways...
  12. Do the 17s require another wire ran to the wireless charger? About to purchase a 2017 with a jump seat and first order of business is installing a center console Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  13. Price paid?

    I thought so too. After I walked out and a phone call later I got them to right at 21% off. I think I'll wait another day or two and see if they budge again Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  14. Price paid?

    (double post-wasn't sure which topic it suits best to be in) Just wondering what a good price for a new 2017 5.3L LT Z71 crew cab with leather seats? Went to a local dealer that had exactly what I wanted with MSRP at $50,450 and I got them down to $41,400 (plus TTL) but I think there is still more on the table to be had. I'll get another GM employee discount on top of that but didn't want to let them know that until I got the best price I could get. I plan to go to a few more dealers in the area and see what they will come down to and possible calling a few out of state places

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