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  1. Thats so cool! Waiting on mine. I got my hat a month ago.
  2. Truck Wash

    I clean using this method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=CFXfSBR5Q9w Lots of the stuff he says makes sense and leaves my truck super shiny!
  3. Thanks for posting this! Really appreciate it! Me too! The hat looks cool!
  4. Got it to work today at my dealership! Had to wait for the approval of the parts manager, but it was pretty simple! Thanks for the deal, ended up getting the exhaust tip for $18.75 out the door!
  5. I wonder if taking the battery out and putting it back into the remote like restarting at computer would work?
  6. I got mine for about the same price. It was a one at this price newspaper ad. Maybe the op should trying looking through the classifieds.
  7. It probably is just luck; depending on who the person ringing you up or how strict the dealership is. Doesn't hurt to try if they are close by.
  8. I got mine in a zip log bag, not the nice glad brand unfortunately.
  9. My dealership was tricky, the icon wasn't a coin. Found it. Thanks for the deal!
  10. Tried this out yesterday and today. That article is right, now I know how to use my mirrors correctly! haha

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