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  1. Adding security cameras to the house

    If you have the ability to drop the wires, or the resources to have someone do it, I would definitely recommend a full time IP camera system over an Arlo. Arlo, Nest and Ring are all great products, for those who don't have the ability to install a full-time recorded IP camera system. I have 6 IP cameras recorded by a NVR, which has a built in POE switch. Eventually, I'll get a separate powered POE switch (connected to my router) so that the cameras are on my network and so they can be seen outside of the NVR. That way I can just install an app on any computer on the network to pull up the cameras instead of connecting to the NVR's software. BTW night vision on a wired system is far better than on an Arlo. If you're truly concerned about identifying criminals, I'd recommend motion triggered flood lights. Once the lights illuminate and your cameras switch back to daytime view (almost instantly), you're resolution is going to be infinitely better.
  2. Well here's the first clue that this article is full of poop: "Estimated payload is around 14,500 lbs, which is close to current vehicle." Good luck loading 14.5k in the back of a Class 2 or Class 3 pickup.
  3. Well, that sucks but it does explain things. On the bright side at least your TPMS re-learn tool is not broken.
  4. 2500HD Tongue Weight Differences

    Yes, that is true, but also more confusing to explain. It's mental image painting by numbers
  5. 2500HD Tongue Weight Differences

    Makes sense because it's a longer fulcrum. Gotta love science.
  6. I don't see many incentives from the factory for the HD trucks and usually dealers aren't willing to come down more than a few thousand. With that being said though, there seems to be bigger discounts on higher end the trucks (LTZ, HC) where the markup is higher for those trim levels. You can always get $10-14k off sticker for a Turd F-150 though.
  7. I threw a bunch of parts at my 07 Avalanche trying to find the problem with my EVAP system. Never did figure it out before I traded my truck in. The system is a pain in the arse. There is a good wealth of information in the the thread above, wish I had stumbled upon it when I had my Avy.
  8. Impact - Air or Cordless

    My cordless works fine for what you describe. It's a lot easier to move around a vehicle without having to drag an air hose. Edit: I got a deal on a cordless Ryobi 1/2 inch impact wrench that I couldn't pass up.
  9. YES, this ^^^ With the exception of the bearing noise everything else sounds related to the electronics of the vehicle. They start doing weird stuff when your battery takes a crap. I've had to replace a battery every three years in numerous vehicles since moving to GA because the heat kills batteries faster than the cold.
  10. I had that problem with my last truck when the battery went dead. I thought I had it charged enough to run to the parts store but I couldn't get it above 30 mph and the dash looked like a lit Christmas tree. Transmission didn't shift out of 2nd and the shift was hard. Hope it's something that simple. Sometimes when the ECU doesn't get the power it needs, it does strange things... computers.
  11. 2014 Sierra SLE

    True, but I'd personally get a little more truck if I had to tow 12k on a regular basis.
  12. 2014 Sierra SLE

    4000 lbs? Sounds like you were given an extremely conservative opinion versus an actual rating. Also, said V-6 by Ferd is twin-turbocharged and makes more power than their Coyote V-8. I would also imagine towing a 12k trailer with a sub-5500 lb truck is going to be like the tail wagging the dog.
  13. My buddy's brother-in-law has an Extended Cab, 8 ft bed GMT-900 Silverado 1500. I have never seen that configuration on the K2 body style.

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