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  1. Don’t want to hijack but I’m curious and it may help the OP. How often is everyone greasing?
  2. Yes, my point. Doesn't even sound like the "clunk" of a G80 locking. Watching the video it sounds like TC pulsing the brakes.
  3. Out of curiosity, is your traction control on? The G80 shouldn’t even be disengaging in your situation.
  4. Chevy does have the Low Cab Forward 3500/4500 truck chassis with the L96, but they do pair it with the 6L90. I know that my UPS driver is riding in a presumably FCC built truck, with the L96 hooked up to an Allison. I'll have to snap a picture one of these days when I see him around. Although all the chassis builders detune the L96 it's nice to know that the motor is such a workhorse.
  5. Lets See Some Towing Pics!

    New market segment: Pop-up Toy Hauler
  6. Snowed a little bit twice here in Atlanta this winter (a bit of an anomaly) and we have a steep driveway into my community. I too noticed that the TC completely crippled the G80 and got me stuck about halfway up. Turned off the TC, rear end locked up and I went up effortlessly, albeit crabbing the entire way because the of the slope for water runoff.
  7. I have a clunking sound, seems to come from the folding back seats. I tried to see if it was the jack and tools that weren’t secured properly, but that wasn’t it. I’ll follow along to see if anyone has figured it out.
  8. Nice. Off topic but what headache rack & tonneau combo do you have on your truck?
  9. Adding security cameras to the house

    If you have the ability to drop the wires, or the resources to have someone do it, I would definitely recommend a full time IP camera system over an Arlo. Arlo, Nest and Ring are all great products, for those who don't have the ability to install a full-time recorded IP camera system. I have 6 IP cameras recorded by a NVR, which has a built in POE switch. Eventually, I'll get a separate powered POE switch (connected to my router) so that the cameras are on my network and so they can be seen outside of the NVR. That way I can just install an app on any computer on the network to pull up the cameras instead of connecting to the NVR's software. BTW night vision on a wired system is far better than on an Arlo. If you're truly concerned about identifying criminals, I'd recommend motion triggered flood lights. Once the lights illuminate and your cameras switch back to daytime view (almost instantly), you're resolution is going to be infinitely better.
  10. Well here's the first clue that this article is full of poop: "Estimated payload is around 14,500 lbs, which is close to current vehicle." Good luck loading 14.5k in the back of a Class 2 or Class 3 pickup.
  11. Well, that sucks but it does explain things. On the bright side at least your TPMS re-learn tool is not broken.
  12. 2500HD Tongue Weight Differences

    Yes, that is true, but also more confusing to explain. It's mental image painting by numbers
  13. 2500HD Tongue Weight Differences

    Makes sense because it's a longer fulcrum. Gotta love science.

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