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  1. The bose is decent and I like it..... for the $600 retail option it was on my SLE double cab with a console I won't complain. I actually went out of my way to find a truck with it because my 15 LTZ had it and it was great and it's really rare on the lot in any trim less than an SLT/LTZ. There is a sub in the console but you honestly don't feel it do much as most of the bass punch comes from the door speakers.
  2. It is but e85 doesn't exist here so it doesn't matter.
  3. Meh.... I can say my 2017's 6 liter ( 2500HD) ran the same on 87 as it did premium in stock form. No increase in mileage and no noticeable gain in power. It wasn't detonating and pulling timing on 87 so a higher grade won't do anything. On the HD trucks like mine though they have no timing in factory form... it's pathetic. Now with a good tune and up to 30 degrees of advance at WOT it requires premium and knocks on anything less. Way more power and way more fun than stock.
  4. Rockers on an LS are non adjustable... torque them to spec to keep them tight on the tray in the head. If you need to leave them loose the pushrod length is wrong and hanging the valves open thus you need a shorter pushrod.
  5. If you look at outfits like Randys ring and pinion they don't show parts available for the 2015 and newer HD trucks. Well I am pretty sure nothing changed whatsoever since 2011... and with the rear diff in truth probably hasn't changed significantly since 1973 so I should be alright. I'm never going smaller than the current 34" tire and might go to a 35" when these wear out so I may as well gear accordingly lol. I don't "fear the gear" Haha. And quite frankly this will get me out of the drone zone my exhaust currently has at like 1750 at 70 mph so it's all win!
  6. Yeah I hate the lights on when I am driving so I am not pulling fuses. Most of the time it will be fine but the issue will be ice and sliding as when one rear tire locks both do because of the locker. Both my 04 and 05 have Detroit's in them and the abs works with no alarms but you can tell it's not happy about it lol. Probably in the new year I will look at getting the work done on it. The worst part is I have to buy an open carrier first as the Detroit for the 14 bolt FF only comes as a lunch box type. Provided the older 10.5 parts are the same swapping to an open should be free beyond new bearings.
  7. Since I levelled the front and did 295/60R20s it's like 11 mpg average. It's a gas pig HD... who cares lol. Since my 17 has 3.73s next on my list is 4.56s and a Detroit Locker in the back... that should get stabilitrack throwing fits.
  8. Lucky lol. It's been 0 F or colder every morning for the last week or so. But I park in a heated building and or just remote start it. Old truck has the same cord end and still runs great with 200000 miles so I don't worry about it.
  9. Well your command start won't work number 1... otherwise not really no.
  10. Then don't use a factory one, add whatever you want and carry a code reader to clear the CEL you will get lol.
  11. It's a simple thermostatic switch in the plug.. once it gets cold enough the switch closes and the heating element gets power. Yes it makes noises like any old block heater when it's working.
  12. Premium in a 5.3?

    They knock stock on regular... I have logged it. Adding a couple degrees of ignition timing, removing some limiters and retarding the cam a bit makes a world of difference on premium gas. Stock it won't knock on premium but won't feel any stronger really either.
  13. I dynoed my 2015 6.2 truck when we tuned it. It picked up 39 lb ft peak and like 14 hp peak. The curve was a lot more smooth though than stock and it gained up to 80 lb ft in spots where the stock tune was killing power mostly around the shifts.
  14. black bear tune on a 17

    Used HP and not efi on my 17 HD. It needed an internet connection so the file could het unlocked and used 4 credits to tune it instead of the usual 2.

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