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  1. Just ignore like I said originally. It works better.
  2. Tune the truck which you need to do anyhow and no you won't... a person can shut the rear O2 codes forever.
  3. You won't lose anything with duals. Honestly run what you want and ignore 90% of the rubbish on the internet. I have 3" duals on mine and gained everywhere including right off the bottom... kind of goes against most internet wizards that not surprisingly can't change their own oil in real life but know every old myth online lol.
  4. Incorrect. On a newer HD you have PRN DL 1. L let's you shift max selected gear. When you shift to that 6th position that says 1... It's 1st only.
  5. No it's not lol. It just locks the trucks transmission into first gear and won't let it upshift. If you select that 1 position at highway speed you get some really aggressive engine braking as the truck will do what it can ( without over-revving) to get into first. That's it. Easy way to see... just try it lol.
  6. Don't worry about people saying you paid too much..... who cares lol. As long as it works and you are happy that is what matters.
  7. You also don't have a choice of yes or no with any HD truck of any brand and I guarantee most people know what they are getting that are posting here. So unless you want to drive some old bucket that is falling apart and needs restoring forever you just find work arounds for the nanny bullshit. It does well combined with modifying the truck to suit your purposes. I still fail to see why a car like an Impala has the ability to disable the stabilitrac at any speed and not a truck. That is not a performance car nor a very good handling car for that matter and there is seriously no reason for it.
  8. You would spend your whole winter in chains here then lol
  9. I would love to copy that strategy into the newer TCM's.. dumping gears is retarded... I will decide how many I want to drop if any.
  10. Stabilitrack is a hazard on an icy road... It's random brake jamming logic based on the yaw sensors doesn't work when the road is a rink. If it gets to that point I just yank the abs fuse and have no issues getting safely where I need to be. If I had a way to kill it dead the only thing left would be the abs... Oh and right... It's my 05 again... Detroit locker and all. Everyone welcoming this will be a relief to me when they no longer drive and the autonomous car prevails. They will likely just shut down and tell you it's unsafe thus stay home lol.
  11. Come on now.... GM doesn't want you using it like a truck... It's supposed to be on some dry freeway in the southern us of a somewhere only. I love too how in my 2014 Impala I can totally disable stabilitrack because you know the rental crowd and grandma needs that in a front wheel drive car... but a 4x4 3/4 ton... nope forget it. Oh and the whole well you can use 4 low... cool story bro.. cause in stock trim my truck won't even get above the stabilitrack threshold of like 35 mph or whatever in 4 low without the computer shutting it down... So what I can eliminate in 2 wheel or 4 high is no different in 4 low either.
  12. Manual mode on my 2017 is an L. It goes PRN D L 1. 1 of course locks it into first and or makes it back shift to 1st when it can. So I guess it's not "manual" per say anymore lol
  13. Well... not everyone started driving yesterday and can't operate a motor vehicle safely without all this nanny trash. My 17 is a total step backwards in drivability even from my 05... let alone anything I owned from the 70s through the 90s.. but you get used to shutting off as much as you can and dealing with the rest. The sad part is people rely on this trash or end up like the tard in the Mustangs running into crowds. Oh well... not much you can do.
  14. Must have changed. I can downshift to whatever provided it doesn't over-rev and in M even sitting not moving can pick 1 through 6.
  15. Manual on these hooptys is just flat out misleading... It's not manual at all for the reasons given above. Just call it like max gear mode... as that's all it accomplishes. If you want real manual mode you need to get yourself into a Ford. That said you should be able to select whatever gear you want it to upshift too and not just the first 3 unless they changed the strategy from 17 to 18

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