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  1. Just replaced the upper and lower ball joints on my 05 1500 z71 CC. (No adjustment of the tie rod at all) Test drove the truck and it has no pull to either side or shimmy while driving. Everything feels smooth. Just curious what you guys think on alignment. I'm considering just getting a free alignment check at Goodyear or sears just to see. I'd hate for them to say "yep you need one" just to make money whether it's out of alignment or not.
  2. I'll give y'all and update on the beloved moog parts that I installed yesterday. After a ton of cussing and banging to get the old ball joints off we finally got the new moog problem solvers in. The upper and lower looked great. Got everything back together (after a full day of work mind you. We ran into quite a few hang ups) and went to grease the joints. Upper BJ went great. The lower one however had the integral dust boot that was tucked up in the joint. When I squirted two squeezes of grease into it I heard what sounded like grease popping through a hole. Looked at the back of the boot and it had a freakin split in the side of it! No way we could have done it on installation. It was tucked inside of the housing. When it filled with grease and started to expand the damn split revealed itself. Now to get a replacement and go through installation hell again. Not sure what that says about moog quality. Hopefully I just got a lemon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I had a black 09 that I had all of the chrome trim covered in brushed aluminum with black rims and black bow tie. I loved the look. Never saw another truck with the same look to it.
  4. I've been reading mixed reviews on moog. A lot of people have been saying that their quality has gone down in recent years. Those mevotech seem to be getting good reviews. Decisions decisions.
  5. I was looking at those as well. Any experience with them?
  6. It's my daily driver and I'm replacing multiple other parts on the truck right now so my budget is getting tight. Just don't know much about ball joints besides what they do. Gonna probably go AC delco oe
  7. I need new ball joints because the boots are all worn out on the upper and Lower on both sides and my lower ball joint on the passenger side had a blow out and has leaked grease out of the boot. I was on rock auto and noticed there are SKP brand ball joints for about $5 and AC Delco for $17. What is going to be the difference if there is any and are the AC worth triple the cost? It's a 2005 silverado CC 4x4 z71 with torsion bar suspension. Here's the page I'm looking at. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/chevrolet,2005,silverado+1500,5.3l+v8,1431121,suspension,ball+joint,10070 Also besides the upper and lower ball joints and the idler arm is there any other grease fittings or parts I should inspect while I'm down there?
  8. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    I may try to dry them out and put some clear caulk or something along the edge to see if it'll seal it up. Not sure if clear corners are Legal here?
  9. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    100% I can't stand the way they look haha deciding on buying aftermarket or sanding these clear. And the bottom driver side has moisture in it. Gah!
  10. I'm guessing they're fairly new. Being iridium I'm going to give them a few thousand miles and change them out. It's not missing, idling rough, or anything right now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Got my faded gray grille and bowtie painted black. Need to get the brush guard re-finished now.
  12. Simplest way to fix the problem? If there is one. The 09 I had had the 5.3 in it as well but it seemed to have more torque in the low end. It also had the stock tires on 20" wheels (Goodyear eagle ls2) it was a 2wd ext. cab flex fuel though if that may have made a difference?
  13. Haha never heard that one. I dig it though man. [emoji869]
  14. I've put 10k on it. It now has 130k. I've been changing oil and filter regularly as well as front brake pads and rotors. Also changed brake drum hardware but shoes had a lot of life left. Haven't looked at many spark plugs. If they are good no sense in wasting $40 when I could spend it on something else like SS brake lines or shocks [emoji106] but if they look pretty worn I have no problems replacing them and they wires. Trans fluid is nice and pink. Very slight browning to it (opposed to brand new fluid) so I'm comfortable with it. I'll get the filter and fluid changed in the near future though.

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