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  1. Very nice. I think the next time, I will attempt the install myself. I know I could have done just as good as the so called professional install I currently have the on the truck.
  2. When I was first shopping this year for a full size truck, I originally wanted a double cab as I liked the looks better, and the extra bed room was just an added bonus (but not completely necessary for my needs). Then I ended up with a crew cab and have no regrets....the added room for my family and inside storage was just what I needed. I say go crew cab if you are uncertain on which to go.
  3. This makes no sense...whats the point of a coilover if you can't adjust it? I'm wanting to take the plunge on these Fox coils, but after reading so many conflicting reviews, it seems more and more that these Foxes are nothing more than a name you're paying for...thats it.
  4. I have a few of those as well........exactly how well does this mount in the plastic console? I am afraid of drilling through the whole thing.
  5. I personally would never leave my firearm inside the truck, especially overnight in a "parked" area. Very interesting note that these criminals look for gun stickers on trucks....guess my NRA plate makes me a target.
  6. Very good deal...especially for Expel. Its all about the installer...thats for sure. In 5 years or so when I'm due for a new bra...Definitely going with a better installer. Going to do more diligent research.
  7. Shaved "Sierra" and "All Terrain" emblems off tailgate.
  8. My father was always a Chevy truck guy...I always imagined I'd have a Chevy truck.....until I got in a GMC for the first time. Chevy who?
  9. Truck looks awesome! Congrats.
  10. I got it back redone and posted pics. It looks 1000x better. About 90% good I'd say. I feel like I've see guys with clear bra and they look great, like 100% perfect....but this is my first vehicle with it, so I guess I look for the imperfections and never noticed it on anyone else's. I do a lot of driving, so 5 years out of this thing is considered a success for me....at that time, I'll get it redone and do a little bit more research and find a better installer. (even though my installer had great reviews and was a local guy....but I guess since it wasn't a Porsche, he really didn't give a chit about quality of work.)
  11. I've been hearing that black wheels are a fad, dated, look like chit, etc. for over 10 years now....Funny, they are offered as OEM on most vehicles, most aftermarket wheels are offering black as an option, and I see black wheels on a ton of cars/trucks on the street. So much for that fad wearing out.

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