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  1. It’s hard to get in pictures, but it looks great in person. I had an American flag embossed on the tailgate.
  2. I’m really happy how this new tuck came out. The color is 3M Dragon Fire Red and the wheels are Method Roost. specs are 18x9 -12 with 285-65/18 Ridge Grapplers. Zone 2” level kit for the magneride system. No cutting or trimming needed. There was a very small rub at full lock, but I pinned back some of the liner and the problem is gone. funny I found another truck almost identical to mine and it made for some great before/shots.
  3. Just slide a board into the slots in the bed. It’s funny how few people realize that’s what those bed slots are made for.
  4. Any updates on getting this to work in a Sierra or Silverado? Has anyone taken the dash apart to see if the HUD projector will even fit?
  5. I didnt realize that there was an OEM solution for this. I'd be interested in a parts list as well.
  6. I paid 163. just search amazon for GM part #23183674
  7. I can’t answer your question exactly but I can say that the OEM one is much nicer. It has more space and it actually bolts into the truck. I just picked this one up for less than the cost of the Husky. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0178KPVJ4/ref=yo_ii_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. Yes, 2017 Denali. I had to remove the whole grill assembly and then take the chrome sections out. I needed to be able to pop the clips from the back. The only way to get the grill off is by removing the filler panel above the bumper and to get that panel off you have to partially remove the wheel arch flares. Once the grill assembly is off, it’s really easy to just pop off the chrome center pieces. I was originally going to just plasti-dip the chrome sections, but I’m glad that I got them professionally painted. this picture was after I took it all apart. I put just the grill back in so that my truck would look halfway decent during my week of downtime.
  9. It looks like you guys have figured it out. I initially thought that ADC was a brand because they are the ones that produced the video. It looks like the sell several systems, including the EchoMaster(IntelliHaul) system. The one that I linked in my original post is made by Rostra and it supports an HDMI input.
  10. I believe that any competent audio shop could handle the install. You can get the parts from the dealer, but if they dont know what your talking about(like mine), I would not recommend having them do the install. Just find the part numbers and then order from GMPartsDirect.com I have not made a purchase yet. I’m doing all of this for my Dad. He is super picky and wants it installed on his new truck by the dealer before he picks it up. If I end up going this route, I’ll be doing the ADC system and connecting an AppleTV or Chromecast to the HDMI input.

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