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  1. Not too shabby. I got a very similar truck to yours with a few different options. I have a 2017 Double Cab LT Z71 4x4 Texas Edition (wow that's a mouthful when you say it all), no extra options other than a spray in bedliner I got the dealer to put in for free. Paid 32 or so for it, Chevy was running 10k plus rebates when I bought it. I think my truck would normally sell for something in the low 40's. No matter what I would say you definitely did alright. Your crew cab is worth more than my double cab as well. If you have 4x4 you did really well I'd say.
  2. Huh. I just looked through mine today and definitely don't have a manual, although I have some other booklets. I do have a manual supplement about child seats, but no manual! Nice...
  3. 2017 Moose Hunt

    Don't know if you know where Moosilauke is but I've seen moose sign all over the place there in the past year or so, I was on a trail that was covered in moose poop for about 100 feet, it was like a carpet. Never seen anything quite like it. Also was driving up there once with a friend and a moose was right next to the road. Freaked us out a little bit, even in a car they can still mess you up.
  4. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Went to Lowes and bought some stain/sealer and screws to finish rebuilding my deck. Also cleaned all the crap out of my bed that was in there from hauling the old lumber from said bed. Want to put a tailgate light bar on the back of my truck so spent some time looking at that. Think I'm gonna go with this: Redline Triple LED Sequential Tailgate Bar. Not sure if I want to go amber or red turn signals yet. I'm leaning amber but think it might look strange with the red tail light signals. Found a cool truck on here I want to mimic the front end of.
  5. 68 Impala, 4th Gen Chrysler Imperial, 1972 Charger. Pick one.
  6. I have a stock 17 4WD Z71 double cab ... I go 80 on the highway most of the time. I do a mix of highway and stop-and-go driving, so far I'm getting about 17 MPG. Usually get about 20 on the highway. Also have a bit of a lead foot but not too bad. Also you can get a 2WD Z71? TIL.
  7. Did anybody else actually get a paper manual with their 2017? I certainly didn't, I know a lot of cars these days are going to PDFs and stuff so I didn't think much of it, but if I should have gotten one I'll be having a word with the dealer...
  8. Light bar into the fog lights is a nice touch, smart. And the upper ones are pretty much on all the time then, right? That's what I'm hoping for. I'm a complete newbie with electrical stuff more or less so bear with me.
  9. Great looking truck you got there. Definitely gonna copy your top lights, super cheap mod that will look great. I like the bar too but the big things I got to sink cash into first are a cover, tool box, fender liners. Then hopefully an exhaust. Aaaand I was gonna ask a bunch of questions but then your post above just pretty much answered them.
  10. Right on the money. Here it is: Also for the upper lights:
  11. Just wondering - why do people not like the bench seat? It seems like it has most of the functionality of the console other than the fact that the box isn't as deep, but there's still a locking space under the center seat. Seems like you're just missing out on an extra seat, plus the ladies like the bench seat.
  12. Nope, saw the Denali already and that was pretty close but not quite it. It was a silverado with a black front end. I think Bushleague is on the money, I'll give that a look. I was going through the truck pictures thread which is where I thought it was, nothing there, so you're probably right. Thanks!
  13. Anyone ever mounted amber lights behind their grill like on the Raptor? I seem to remember seeing a topic on here a month or so ago where somebody did it and it looked amazing but I can't seem to find it after searching around. Shame, that thing looked sweet. Ran an image search and came up with a lot of light bars or Ford trucks mostly. Anyways if anybody's done this, mind sharing some pictures? I think it would look pretty great on my truck.
  14. Appreciate all the feedback from y'all. I think in a perfect world I would want to go with 2 of the Swing Cases but I'm not sure if there would be enough room. My drill, dremel, and socket set are all in hard boxes that might not fit nicely into the cases. I don't think I need the extra security of the full in bed tool box and I don't want to lose the bed space that you'd have under a saddle box for lumber. So I'm thinking the BakBox would be my best option but I'd really like to see a Swing Case in person first.
  15. First Handgun Purchase, Some Questions

    Thanks for the help! I agree with you about the SA revolvers, my best ever groups were with a .45 Long Colt Ruger Vaquero. Even if I shot like crap with it, that thing is a ton of fun to shoot, and some day I'll definitely be picking up a Colt SAA for the range. I think that modern revolvers have come too far beyond them though to make a SA my first handgun, they're just so much slower to load. I'm almost as accurate with a K/L-frame and they're a lot more versatile I think. I'll definitely check out that book, I'm in need of new reading material anyways. And I've seen a video of some guy who could fire his SAA faster than a semi pistol, not to mention stuff like Bob Munden's draw. And yeah, my first gun was a Marlin 336 lever action (yes I'm a fudd) and I don't think I'm going to get rid of it any time soon. It's from 1962 and still going strong, I'm sure it'll make it through my generation too.

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