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  1. Tell the dealer you want this TSB performed: #17-NA-269 - Rear Camera Screen Bright At Night - (Sep 13, 2017) It will make a huge difference. I can see it off my right side mirror now.
  2. My tip, just stay home, but then again I've always lived in the South and if it's icy everything closes anyways.
  3. My 2017 Silverado came with a paper manual, and a couple other booklets, but didn't even come in a Ziploc bag. It was all just sitting in the console.
  4. Most vehicles don't have LATCH for the center seat, so you have two options. One, use the outer seats. This is what we've always done. Yes, technically, they'd most likely be safer in the middle but I don't know that the difference can be quantified. Also, if you get a second child, one of them (or both) will have to be in an outer seat. Your second option is to use the seat belt to install the car seat instead of the LATCH connections. This is what you'd have to do if you needed three car seats in the back seat. If the current car seat is rear-facing, this advice is for later, but on a forward facing seat, the upper tether is a little different on these trucks. There are loops at the top of each seat, you actually route the tether through the loop at the seating position the seat is in and then connect it to an adjacent loop. It through me for a loop and I had to read the manual *gasp* in order to figure out how they worked.
  5. At least on the Chevys, Texas Edition and All-Star Edition are the same thing except for the badging on the truck. For an LT, power driver's seat, remote start, LED fog lights, 5.3L, and I think I'm missing something else. Edit: I found a listing: 10-Way Power Driver Seat Adjuster Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control Remote Vehicle Starter System Electric Rear-Window Defogger Manual Tilt/Telescoping Steering Column 110-Volt AC Power Outlet Texas Edition Badging Trailering Package Heavy-Duty Rear Locking Differential Thin Profile LED Fog Lamps Theft Deterrent System
  6. Yes, it can be turned off. It's in the settings section of either the DIC or MyLink; sorry I can't remember which. I'm pretty sure it's also in the manual, might help locate it a little quicker. Edit: Dang, I can't type fast enough and got beaten to the punch.
  7. I got these put on today. Westin Sure Grip in polished aluminum. Pretty easy to put on. The first one took about 40 minutes to put on, the second closer to an hour. The second took longer because my helper woke up from his nap. They're currently installed pulled all the way out. I plan to install splash guards so the running boards will have to be slid back some and I may adjust them inward then; I'll just have to use them for a little while all the way out. Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
  8. Mobil-1 rebate

    If you use Ibotta, they're currently running a rebate for $5 back on Mobil 1 Extended Performance and you can use it up to two times. That gets you down to $9/5qt jug. Scratch that, Ibotta is for Annual Protection which isn't included in the rebate.
  9. You can download it direct to your phone through the myChevrolet app.

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