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  1. 2014+ truck parts for sale

    Damn. lol
  2. 2014+ truck parts for sale

    Is Elite decent? I’ve been trying to do some research on them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Also used it as a truck this weekend andhauled plywood up to the cottage to cover up part of our septic system.
  4. Finally finished out my headlight and fog light switch up. Like I said, I went with Alla LEDs for both. Output isn’t bad. Haven’t had the opportunity to use the highbeams that much but it’s a definite improvement.
  5. Yeah lol. As I was pulling the tabs together they busted. The driver’s side came out fine. But the passenger side has been hell.
  6. You’re a damn genius. I’ll be doing that tomorrow!
  7. I have no clue how to get my passenger fog bulb out. I’ve been searching and googling all day. The clips on the top and bottom broke off. I can’t figure out if that means I’m SOL and need to take out the housing, or if there’s an easier way.
  8. Got my quote! $4800 for install, wheels, and tires.
  9. Switched out my headlights. I* decided to be a guinea pig and try out Alla LED headlights. So far they’re not bad. Output is better than stock. I* haven’t gotten flashed at all. In the process of putting in my LED fog lights (same brand) I* broke the clips off of my stock fog light. So I’m hoping I can still get it out. The one thing that was way easier on my F150 was switching out the lights, that’s for sure.
  10. My Album Artwork usually shows up and I just ripped my songs from CDs to iTunes or I bought the music online, but my ipod is EXTREMELY slow. If songs are playing consecutively, the song won't switch on the head unit and it will randomly end the song. I'm thinking my ipod is too old (its from '06), or I need to put all of my music on an SD card and go from there.
  11. Oh! Yeah, I thought you meant it would mess with oncoming traffic. Brightest I'd go is 6000k. I had a set in my F150 that were 6000 and I liked them. I almost think they were close to 5500 because they were nearly pure white.
  12. Why is that? I thought it would be the lumen output that messed with on coming traffic and not the color.
  13. I'm looking forward to the night pics. I'm trying to decide between LasFit and Xenon Depot. I keep reading that the LasFit is too bright in the fog lights, and I'm looking for an LED that won't break the bank (Morimoto) that is better than stock. Read another guy that said don't go over 5000k color? No idea why, as I thought it was the lumens that make everything brighter.
  14. What light did you go with? id do Morimoto but I don’t have the coin to drop on it

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