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  1. On Star is a joke...

    I use the 4G quite often. I stream pandora and other music sites with it. It also saved my fantasy lineup a few times. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. is that on 35s or 33s? I'm trying to get a hold of Zone because the website says you can only run 33s, unless you have a 20" rim. I don't understand how the rim affects the size of the tire (especially because I'll be running an 18x9 or an 18x10).
  3. Dude... I was quote $4800 for everything. Found a shop that'll do it for a grand less.
  4. Think I’ll have to do this, as well. I found a shop that will install for $980 out the door. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Slightly off topic.... Did you trim your lower valence?
  6. Crazy! Well... Always good to know. I'm going with Zone until my stock struts wear out. Then I'm putting in 4-6" lift struts.
  7. No shit? Some jack-knob on another forum told me the knuckle height was different!
  8. Zone and BDS are sister companies both owned by Fox. Their kits are ROUGHLY the the same. If you want to get technical, BDS comes with top of the line struts and shocks, whereas with Zone those are add-on options. BDS also has a no questions asked warranty on all of their parts, Zone has a limited lifetime warranty. If you're going by kit, the BDS 4" and 6" kit are the same. The only difference between the two are the height of the steering knuckles, and the spacers (to keep stock geometry). So really, same parent company, roughly the same warranty, and the same parts (with the exception of BDS's struts and shocks). And obviously the price. BDS is about $800 more expensive.
  9. Yeah. I figure if I stick with a 0 offset, or a 18x10 with -24 offset, I should be good. I'm taking about an inch and a half off the lower valence soon (maybe Saturday).
  10. Oohhhh it's the 20x12 with the -44 that messes with it. I just started doing a bit more research and found that an 18x9 with a 0 offset will fit 35s with no trimming.
  11. What is your wheel/tire set up that you had to trim a 4.5" kit with 33s?!
  12. Alright.... last question about the 4.5" kit.... will I be able to run 35s without having to do extra trimming in my inner wheel well?
  13. Solid. The wife brought that up. I go to Northwestern University games quite a bit and other games where parking in a public parking garage is needed. The truck won't fit in my garage as it's too long. But I'm hoping that we buy land and build a house (3 car garage with 8 foot doors here I come). But I want to make sure that it's still practical.
  14. Used it as a truck today. Went out hunting with my uncle. He got a small doe. And that’s a case and a half of Point beer behind it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Alright.... so I decided I’m going with the Zone lift. Here’s my question.... the 4.5” and 6.5” are the same price. It comes down to clearance. Does a 4.5” lift and 35s allow clearance in a parking garage? If not I’ll go 6”. If so I’ll do 4.5”. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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