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  1. Mod away! A truck ain't nothing but transportation until you put your stamp on. Special Edition or not.
  2. Seriously? Why do people write responses like this? If you'd have read the original post you'd see that the OP purchased the GM branded performance exhaust through the dealership & he had them install it. The dealership didn't install the exhaust with the correct hanger and then didn't do the right thing to fix it. Of course he has a the right to complain.
  3. Need floor jack recommendations

    +1 on the Harbor Freight jacks. They have a decent selection and work very well. Wouldn't recommend for daily shop use, but for typical home use they last for years.
  4. I went with a 2" level kit and 285/55r20 BFG KO2 tires. Not much bigger in tire size, but did improve the ground clearance at the front valance nicely. No longer scrape it on parking blocks & even kept it off rocks this last weekend while on a mild offroad trail run.
  5. of course today it decided to work just fine & didn't give me any problems. yesterday couldn't get it to connect to save my life.
  6. HI All, I have a 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali & have issues at time with Apple Carplay. Sometimes it connects just fine while other times is doesn't. When having connection issues, the carplay icon on the home screen will usually be there, but doesn't do anything when you touch it. When having issues, text or call notifications don't appear on the infotainment screen but it'll still play messages or make calls when you press the voice command button on the steering wheel. Could this be an issue with the phone or the infotainment system? "Sometimes if I turn my phone off & restart it before getting into the truck carplay will work fine. However, it's a 50/50 chance that it'll connect again the next time I try. Suggestions???
  7. Hello to my future friends

    welcome... how 'bout more info on the Zuki & it's supermoto setup?
  8. Steve76t's 2017 Denali Build

    next up, some floor mats. Still kind of amazed that the truck didn't come with better floor mats but I fixed that. Husky Weatherbeaters were added and are a perfect fit.
  9. 2" Rough Country level kit and 285/55r20 BFG KO2s.
  10. There's actually very noticeable difference between a 275/55r20 and a 285/65r20 tire size. The stock 275/55r20 is about 31.5" tall & 11" wide. The 285/65r20 tire is 3" taller at 34.5" and 1/2" wider at 11.5". The 285/65R20 tire is tall enough that it would probably rub with only a 2" level kit which I definitely wanted to avoid. The 285/55r20 size I went with is a little bit bigger than the stock 275/55r20, specs only show a 1/2" difference in height, but on the truck it's actually closer to 3/4" taller.
  11. Wish it were like that around here. There are lots of idiot drivers from CA that have not clue how to drive in the snow. CalTrans and Cali's CHP have to monitor the idiots and have ridiculous rules when driving over the mountains. Most of the time requiring chains before snow even starts sticking to the streets. Luckily I'm in NV and don't see them everyday. Just when I want to go skiing or going over the hills to visit family in the Sacramento area.
  12. May have the same or similar tread pattern, but the rubber compound has a lot to do with the mountain/snowflake rating. Don't know if the Kanati tires have that or not. Don't know how important that is in N Dakota, but going over the Sierra passes often have chain controls and CalTrans stops get very picky about what tires can continue on the hwys without chains. They'll close the roads before requiring 4wd's with snowtires to chain up.
  13. In that case, yes the BFGs should be a great choice as they have a very good reputation for snowy conditions. The other option, which I was also considering, would be the Goodyear Duratrac. They don't offer that tire in a 285/55r20 size which is one reason I went the with BFG.
  14. so far I like them. Haven't had any snow to really see how they perform there, but on the road they are fairly quiet & smooth. They are a little stiffer than the stock Goodyear Eagle LS-2s. Those were really a grand touring car tire & not made for dirt or snow.
  15. From my experience with previous vehicles, aligning the steering wheel is usually simple. There's a threaded sleeve that connects the steering box pitman arm to the tie rods. Just loosen the nuts, turn the sleeve to align the steering wheel & tighten back up. HOWEVER!!! I haven't had to do this with with my new GMC yet & the process may be a little different compared to my solid axled Jeep.

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