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  1. Nice! I'm considering a 2.5 in. level kit as well & fitting either 305/55r20 or 276/60r20. Nearly the same height, but the 305's are 1.5" wider than the 275's. Don't mind adding spacers if that'll help avoid rubbing.
  2. don't know if it'll help or not. I'm thinking trying it just to see if there's any difference.
  3. 2" Level kit? Any rubbing or spacers required to fit?
  4. wasn't planning on tinting the top of the windshield, but its good to know that the lane departure stuff may be an issue if I did starting thinking about it. I think NV has the same 4" rule.
  5. that's what I thought. yes, mine is in front of the muffler. I think I could use a wire to tie it off & keep it open. However, with it in front of the muffler it may not make much difference. My issue is that it does rattle a little bit, especially at idle.
  6. did they change the design of the flapper on the 17s? I've see pics of others, such as on page one of this thread, that show a square looking cap tot the spring. The one on my 17 Sierra Denali is round & can't figure out how others have "bolted" theirs open. Any pics of the bolt location?
  7. this is one of the things I think is kinda weird on our trucks. Auto folding mirrors aren't actually "auto". You do have to hold the lock button as others have said. Not what I'd call "auto". A buddy of mine actually just hits the folding button on the door as he turns his truck off. Such a habit for him that he doesn't even think about it anymore. When I saw that a couple months ago, before I got my truck, I thought the truck was doing it automatically.
  8. Didn't realize the color might be an issue. I'll have to look into that too.
  9. well then, 33x12.50R20's may be just what I'll do when the time comes for mine.
  10. I think I kinda agree that I'll just have a professional do this job. Saves me less than $40 bucks to have it done & I'll end up with a warranty. The only issue I see now & that in Nevada, the state law limits tint to 35% for front door windows. Each installer I called said they typically just match the back windows. Hmmm...
  11. That's what I call a nice looking truck! I'm looking to do something similar to my Denali. Did you need to add wheel spacers to the set up or aftermarket upper control arms?
  12. Just called around & I've received two quotes for front only tinting that'll match the rear windows. One at $90 the other at $89, both with their best "ceramic" tint. May just do that.
  13. Just checked & found that it shows "Trans. 20%" on the rear windows. So that question's now resolved.
  14. Hi All, I'd like to tint the front windows of my new '17 GMC and am considering doing it myself but have a couple questions. 1 - Anyone use a precut kit similar to the link below? 2 - Any tips for installing? I haven't done this since high school (was ok at it back then) but that was a LOOOONG time ago. 3 - Anyone know what tint percentage the rear windows are? I'm guessing 35% but not sure if they are slight lighter than that. https://www.precutautotint.com/precuttint/Precut-Ceramic-Front-Door-Tint-Kit-for-GMC-Sierra-1500-Crew-Cab-2014-2017.html Thanks!
  15. It's an interesting question. I've seen reviews and shootouts that have made no sense either. How does a comparable GMC score higher than Chevy in a shootout of the best full sized trucks? In US News GMC was #2 & only topped by the F-150. Chevy finished #5 & beat by Ram & Nissan. https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/rankings/full-size-pickup-trucks

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