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  1. Ok I guess super high pressure caused the seals to leak , I would think a code would be thrown because there are sensors for lost pressure but not for higher pressure? , all these things keep me up at night !!!!
  2. Isn't the HPFP in the tank ? How does this affect the oil level maybe I am missing something here ?
  3. I know a motor flush is a little harsh at 45,000 miles but that and fresh synthetic may free it up , Are you going to replace it?
  4. the radiator was replaced with this price , I think they used 5 mechanics LOL , but this is a fleet owned truck so I guess they can get away with it, my fleet manager OK'ed the price , I am sure when the owner sees it , there will be phone calls
  5. my work truck 2014 GMC Sierra I took it in for a recall told me radiator was leaking and that there was TSB on it , it used a quart of water in 80,000 mi they said we will do a 100,000 mi service for total $3,700 I call our fleet manager and got the ok , they gave me a 2018 yukon loaner so i wasnt complaining, came back a day later and they told me $ 4500 , I said we agreed on a price and my fleet manager will not pay it, after back and forth they reluctantly remove the extra charges , when I looked at the bill for labor it was $ 2500, I told them before I gave it to them I just put a new battery in , they still charged my company $89.99 to say "yes it is a new battery " and $ 300.00 for a radiator flush , I am like wait shouldnt that be included with the new radiator ? "no" we flush the motor too , I asked why the extra charge ? "well the belts got wet so we changed them" why did nobody call and tell me the extra $500 was added to the bill " well we were busy and was going to explain it to you when you picked it up" Really $500 for a belt I could buy one $30 the most !!! I would not let them work on my own truck like that, I feel sorry for everyone that goes through this, with no idea how much they rip you off at the dealer for these , and to tell you the truth brake fuild change is the biggest BS of all time the oil is there only as a fluid slug to pressure the brake cylinder ,
  6. Is it the dual out the back? MBRP seems like it gets very good reviews and the price is great Thanks
  7. LOL ,.... sorry that made me laugh ! gibson and mbrp are 2 other cat back muffler and full exhaust manufacturers you tube have sound byte videos of different setups, more affordable but not as high tech as borla ! weld the flapper is that normal ? I don't think I heard of that . or just cutting it out for better flow
  8. Any sound bytes ? was looking at the MBRP or Gibson
  9. Thats definily a red flag for me but if it drives good , and the price is good why not , the head and cam went on a truck I had , thought "man i got to unload it after the repair " i sold it and the last time i talked to the guy he said he got another 100,000 miles out of it and only replaced the battery once it was a nissan though
  10. Thats right there for 2016 with those options when I was looking if i would have seen your truck it would be a great contender , maybe would have pulled the trigger ! but watching prices like someone said earlier 2015 with less miles could be found at $25,000 to $ 28,000 , my friend got one for $30,000 2015 LTZ Z71 mint with 10000 mi , leveled and a headache rack ,forest green , looks better than my 2017 the ride is the same ! good luck there are good deals out there especially if your willing to travel ,
  11. I was thinking the same thing I get almost 2 cy in a 8' bed for $50 although you got to line it with a tarp , that black dye is hard to get off
  12. Yes this is the first lease I ever had always bought my cars and trucks , and always against leasing , but I plan to buy this truck at the end and if you don't, .... i think thats where leasing is not a good move unless you have a business and you can write it off,..... my annunity will be availible in three years, and I will be able to buy it out at $28,500 at the end , not that I am worried about a credit hit its very minimal since only the $15,000 shows up on your credit report not a full $30,000 or what ever you finance , I sold my f150 and was able to bank that and keep the cash in the bank ,and with $ 2000 down I was able to drive off with a new LTZ Fully loaded , and the lease payments go into truck so its not like your just handing over your money and its gone . You are buying down the truck equity . so the truck is still a better deal buying it, instead of handing over the keys and losing all that equity So i kept $15,000 in the bank and to have a $400 a month payment was a no brainer in my mind ,if i would have put $17,000 down I would still have a $650 + a month payment on the same truck , and nothing saved from my sale of my f150, it works . But only if I buy it at the end of lease . and I doubt I would get My particular truck at $28,500 2 yrs 3 mos from now when the lease is up , definitely would not have leased but this is my last new truck because i will be retired in a couple of years and the numbers just worked
  13. Whoa ! Thanks better than what I thought , 20 mpg right off the bat on a 6.2 , Congrats ! I wished I had gone this route ,
  14. Nice truck what was your out the door cost If you don't mine me asking ? I had to drive up state to get a decent deal , but I would have went to laura if it wasn't a hassle with state laws NY is the only state that wants a cut of anything you buy from out of state They have lifted trucks https://www.laurabuickgmc.com/VehicleDetails/new-2018-GMC-Sierra_1500-Crew_Cab_Short_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_SLT-Collinsville-IL/3112840403

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