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  1. I'm kinda bitter about the grill shutters that I have.... I can't mount a light ANYWHERE
  2. All good! Can you post some part numbers when you get a chance?
  3. Added the Husky mud flaps. This new 22" wheel setup kicks up so much road crap!
  4. Added the 18" Magnaflow (p/n 11259) but kept the resonator and flapper. Barely noticeable difference from stock. Went a head and ordered the Dynomax 3" intermediate pipe in stainless (p/n 55608) and the 3" tailpipe in stainless (p/n 54704). Will be getting installed next week. May or may not have to get the Range AFM disabler depending on the drone.
  5. Unplugging the range is the least of the worries people are having according to the thread on here and elsewhere. Everything from Stabiltrak and ABS involvement to the system just not working at all. I think a lot of it had to do with the CANBUS and trying to jump the communication within it. Sucks I just feel too hesitant about the tune and the range device and will just have to live with the chopper. Just gotta figure out the way that people are minimizing it.
  6. Sure, I don't think anyone is trying to totally get rid of it with out the AFM disabler. But, being that I'm still under the warranty and have heard mixed reviews regarding the Range module, I'm just trying to limit it.
  7. Just for clarification after 162 pages, I wanna make sure I got this right! 1) Replacement muffler has to be a center/offset setup 2) Stock 5.3 exhaust size is 3" 3) If you're going to keep the AFM, the way to limit drone and "chopper" is to keep the flapper and third resonator
  8. Added 2017 Denali wheels. OEM GM from China sadly . Had 4,000 miles on them AND came with TPMS... paid $1500. Also, did the diode jumpers for the fogs on with all headlight settings and cargo lights on with reverse lights. https://500px.com/photo/229918661
  9. Got this done on my 17 Silverado. Thanks for all the pics! 👍

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