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  1. its the ignition cylinder with key. had same prob
  2. Thats what I did. Put a 3/4 ton in my '99. Mileage is higher by 40k but my state has no mileage statement on titles after 10 years.
  3. 99 silverado with 2000 2500 dash plunged right in and everything is perfect except mileage...Takes 30 minutes or more for trans temp needle to move. With cooler and fan my short box never heats up...
  4. I had similar problems with my 99 Silverado. After extensive research it ended up being two things. The alternator and the instrument cluster. First I had the alternator tested and was told it was good. Then I replaced the instrument cluster with one from eBay. It helped some but was still slowly killing the battery, so I put a new alternator on and that finally fixed mine.

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