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  1. I wanted something that would be street legal in Michigan. I did the following................ Rigid flush mount, lost the recovery hooks
  2. Check out Elite Engineering. I installed their unit with dual exhaust tubes on my new 2017 5.3lt. Surprised how much it has caught in only 2300 miles.
  3. The glare comes from the bottom of the HID bulb as it reflects off the housing. What you need is an D2R kit, which I wasn't able to find for my 2014 Silverado, the "R" bulbs have a shield on the bottom of the bulb. Or you could make your own, www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XFYbJn68U0.
  4. http://www.eliteengineeringusa.com/catch-cans/ First thing I did on my 2017 5.3. I've got about 1500 miles on it and it's captured about 6 oz. of oil.
  5. I've got to remount them, I have the Rigid up/down mounts on the way, I figured they'd be mis-aligined. But I think it will be worth the effort.
  6. I got them mounted this weekend, it took a lot off backyard engineering. They're not wired yet so I can't tell how well the are aimed. I've got a set of the up/down angled mounting blocks ordered and might have ti re-install the lights. The up/down blocks would have made installation easier, I had a set of 15 degree blocks that I glued together and then cut to get a bevel in order to bring out the bottom of the lights, plus you have to shave the inside bottom corner of the mounting block in order to get them level. Then I used a thin piece of aluminum behind them to firm up the air dam. I believe this is the only place to mount them in order for me to use them on the road, so either way I'll figure it out, might just take a couple of more beers.....
  7. Well, I took out the recovery hooks and will be mounting a pair of rigid flush mount srq-2's in their place. If I ever have to be pulled from a ditch, he'll just have to hook to my frame.
  8. Is Waxing Necessary?

    I have been using Liquid Glass for years. It is fantastic, goes on easy comes off great.
  9. New Member

    Hi new member, 2017 Silverado Crew High Desert package. Would like to mount some Rigid SRQ2 Flush mount with angled mounts where the recovery hooks are. Think the air dam is solid enough, or maybe I should and some aluminum behind the air dam? TXS for any input.

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