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  1. Boy do I see the liability issues with this, not only for the seller but the end user in case of an incident or accident.
  2. Lean used to mean engine running hot, burnt valves and perhaps piston damage. Does that still apply with high pressure direct injection engines. with high compression ratio?
  3. Ditto, and when they ask what your going to haul tell them a mattress. I have had Rental places tell me whatever is too heavy and they won't rent to me. BS.
  4. So what kind of parts and labor cost is involved?
  5. Yes the mechanical direct injection pump.
  6. I was told on my 2006 the flush is all they do at the dealership unless the truck has been used for heavy duty towing then they do the filter also.
  7. I was under mistaken idea that since these trucks have high pressure direct injection fuel systems that engine vacuum was not available?
  8. On my trip home from Georgia it was driving me crazy with the clunk, delayed shifting and hard shifts, most when in traffic jams in Atlanta and Nashville. BTW you could not pay me enough to live and have to drive in those areas! I did not know when I could shift into the Manual mode so I just left it alone. Am I happy with the six speed, yeah I'm happy I do not have the eight speed!!
  9. So I had a low pitched sound driving down the road from the rear. Assuming it was the flapper valve I locked it open. Now I get the same noise, only louder. Does anyone else have this issue? I asked the same question in another Thread but may have worded it wrong, my bad. The noise is there in the V4 or V8 mode.
  10. Well after the last run today convenced me today its the exhaust motor boating noise but why in both modes? I have the flapper valve locked open . So some online research seems to indicate the LS series of engines seems to be prone to the "motorboating" sound?
  11. Well after two days or more of driving I am almost 100% sure it’s the exhaust motor boating noise. But it does it in either 4 or 8 cylinder mode, is that possible? Is this a recall or do I pay??
  12. Thanks for the reply’s. Noise is in V8 or V4 mode. I am pretty sure it’s coming from the rear, but. not 100% sure now. Next time I am on the road I will switch over to M 5 and see what happens. Seems to be with engine RPMs?
  13. A noise has started or I first noticed about 4 week ago at what seems to be at the rear of my 2014 Silverado 5.3 4x4 auto. Kind of a low pitched motor boating or put put noise. If you took a piece of cardboard and rotated a bike wheel with spokes to hit it? Its related to engine RPMs not road speed. Not real loud but noticable. I thought it was related to the exhaust flapper valve so I did the open and install a bolt to hold open. The exhaust is clearly louder at idle but did nothing for the put put noise. I checked the U joints and drive shaft all seems normal? But today on another road trip...... Its Back. Truck has 48,000 miles . Any ideas?
  14. I have also been looking at some of the ultra light weight top folding down slide in campers. The one made in Iowa is 72 inches or 6 ft long and my bed in my 2014 Silverado is 5 ft 9 inches.... and weight at 1300 lbs. No water or gray water will be carried. Basically a place to cook and place to sleep. Plus enough room for our small dog. No trailer to back up and leave behind, just drive and go. Link> http://bundutecusa.com/truck-campers/bushcamp/ and they have other models also, this the one intended for ours > http://bundutecusa.com/truck-campers/bundukort/ plain Jane but beats trying to put up a tent in the rain, or tow a trailer through a major city and in a traffic jam. It was noted elsewhere 50% or so of the new trucks being sold today have the ultra short box.

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