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  1. Is there any way you could shoot me the writeup on this?? Also, what is the Part No. and cost of the replacement sub?? If this is a reasonably priced mod I may look into getting it tackled over the holidays!
  2. Awesome, thanks BlueTopaz14 ! I'll reach out to them and hopefully they can help me out for a reasonable price!
  3. Does anyone know of any shops in Houston or surrounding Texas cities that would do something like this??
  4. I agree with the aerodynamics portion and the fractional difference from the exhaust/tonneau, however everything I've read said that you're looking at 1.5-2 for just a level and 33s. Even if that exhaust/tonneau offers nothing in return, if a truck shows to get 21hwy as "tested", and there are guys on here reporting 19-20hwy, 15.5-16 still seems pretty far off base IMO. Also to clarify, as much as I'd love to (and otherwise would) drive (above) 80, I've been doing this test for science! I'm sticking to the 65-70 range on the highway consistently until I get this all figured out.
  5. For sale is the stock exhaust off my 2018 GMC Sierra Denali. This came off a 6.2 but I believe it will fit a 5.3 as well. Less than 2,000 miles on this exhaust prior to its removal so it is practically BRAND NEW. Includes the Chrome/Polished tip and has the flapper valve assembly for use with cylinder deactivation technology. Asking $250 OBO (Local to Houston, TX is almost a necessity as this is welded together) PM me or call/text @ 405.642.9097
  6. Please help me get these off the back porch, recoup some of my expensive couple months, rationalize fueling my addiction to aftermarket parts and get a great deal!
  7. More Pictures still...
  8. For sale I have (4) BRAND NEW Bridgestone Dueller A/T tires, the upgraded all-terrain version of what's available on the Chevrolet/GMC 22" wheels. The cheapest I've been able to find these online is Walmart, and they're still over $1,000 after tax.. This can be your opportunity to get a full set of pristine tires for 30%(or more) off the best deal possible new. They were removed from my truck at less than 50 miles and still have the color striping on the treads to prove their freshness. Looking to get $750 for the set and am willing to deliver or meet someone half-way in the Houston, TX area. Please feel free to PM me, or call/text @ 405.642.9097
  9. Were you ever able to get this finalized? I am looking to do the same thing on my truck and color-match the chrome to the Mineral Metallic exterior color. I'd like to know how tough it was (in your opinion) to disassemble the tail light housings. I'm very comfortable with doing the prep/paint/re-sealing (provided there's a clear consensus as to the best product to utilize) but I'm still not 100% on cutting into them... If there was anyone in TX (specifically the Houston area) that has done this and would be willing to bust mine open for me, I'd be happy to compensate appropriately, it's just that doing so with anyone non-local causes this to get quite expensive thanks to shipping both ways. I found this out sending the headlights in to be done on my last truck..
  10. You are correct that it is a Denali Ultimate, however those are not the wheels available with the Ultimate package. The wheel (I'm assuming you meant door..?) moldings are available from GM in some colors, but not in the Mineral Metallic specifically. This is because Mineral Metallic is ONLY available on the Denali trucks (if you think you've seen the same color, it's close, but that would be Pepperdust). Since ALL Denalis come with Chrome door moldings, they do not produce a Mineral Metallic painted door molding at all. Quite unfortunate, seems pretty par for the course that this would only be an issue with the specific color that I chose and sought out though lol
  11. Yes, that is the case, however I doubt that the product can be found for much cheaper than ADC's prices. I will do some additional research and share if I do find it elsewhere for less.
  12. Take a look at the link below. I spoke to Wes with ADC Mobile for almost 45 minutes yesterday, and after the conversation I felt confident in not only the product but how simple the installation process would be. It's true it's not as easy as just plugging one cable in to interfere, but it's not that much tougher. You unscrew the glovebox compartment to access, run one wire from the driver's side junction box for power and one wire through an existing grommet on the passenger side of the firewall to the front for the power to the front camera. This kit also includes the ability to play ANYTHING via an HDMI input, potential to pull these cameras up while driving (just adds a 3rd menu page in its entirety), and for $80 you can purchase their front camera, $80 for a set of sideview mirror cameras, and $169 for a 3rd brakelight replacement camera or wireless towing camera. The front cam you can set up to be active in Drive while you're under a certain speed and the sideview cameras are pre-set to activate in unison with your turn signals. He indicated because of the utility and ease of this product for the Silverado/Sierras, he sells more of these than all of his other products combined! Seems like the results speak for themselves. ADC Mobile Camera Set-Up
  13. Forgot to ask, have you purchased any of these items yet, or still in the researching phase??

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