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  1. Have you had many requests for this Module Kit or have a detailed Write-Up existing anywhere? I haven't seen one and none of the pictures in this thread work anymore so while I think I'm following, it's hard to know for sure without the visuals! Definitely interested in making this happen on my truck one way or another though.
  2. Came across these on eBay today and I think they're kinda cool. Only reservation is that these types of things can end up looking real cheap if they use low-quality materials/LEDs... I found 2 or 3 options and these seemed like the best, but wanted to see if anyone else had any experience with these and what the best option was? Rear LED Strip Rear Bumper Corner Step Inserts For 2014-2018 Silverado Sierra
  3. https://www.sportwing.com/Search-by-Vehicle/GMC/GMC-Sierra/CF2-SIL14-SIE-CC-GMC-Sierra-Crew-Cab-ChromeLine-Body-Side-Molding This should be similar to what you're looking for. They have many options on the site.
  4. Quick question on the Tow Hooks - Do you have to remove anything else to access the bolts to add/remove them?
  5. BedRug Mat FS Sierra Crew Cab

    SOLD! Thanks @pgamboa!
  6. As stated in the title, has anyone either painted or powder-coated their front Tow Hooks? I just had all my Chrome done Satin Black and now these hooks are MUCH more visible to me than they were before... I also thought I had read somewhere (but couldn't find again when I searched) that the Tow Hooks are quite a PITA to remove on the GMC Sierra/Sierra Denali... can anyone confirm if this is the case?? Thanks!
  7. After Market Parts For Sale

    Are these the same Part No. as used on the 2017s and 2018s? If so, I want them!
  8. WTB factory Chevy/GMC 20" wheels

    Thanks! Yes they're the one's in my profile pic. I'm located in Houston, TX. They are completely scratch/wear free as of now (benefit of putting the bigger tires on before the truck even has 75 miles on it!). They were just buffed and ceramic coated when I had the truck done about a month ago too. I'm looking for $2,400 for the set and we could discuss how to handle shipping if you aren't in either TX, OK or LA. The tires alone were nearly $1,500 and the wheels are a ~$2,400 option from GMC on new trucks. PM me or give me a call/text if you'd rather 405.642.9097

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