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  1. krown undercoating is king is canada at least
  2. Damn, wouldn't think they'd fit without harsh rubbing on a leveling kit
  3. Whats the point of running 35s if you cant even drive normally without rubbing, let alone anything offroad. Just run 33-34in lol
  4. Have a 60 acre property so always hauling or towing something and gets a 100km roundtrip to work everyday.
  5. Who knows lol. Will be interesting to see if they work all iced up in the middle of February.
  6. No complaints from me. Traded in my 2011 on it and it's miles ahead of that truck. Have the 5.3L, obv its not a hot rod truck but will do everything i've asked it towing/hauling wise.
  7. everyone I've seen that has a tune would never go back to stock so take that for what it's worth lol
  8. Double cab z71 showing constant 12.0 L/100km or 19.6 mpg. Alot of highway driving but i stomp on it quite a bit around town.
  9. I'd flush out your rockers and rear wheel wells with water, let dry and then spray in some anti corrosion/undercoating spray. There's 3 plugs up in your rear wheel wells to gain access to the backside of the panel where the chevs always rust out. You can get in by removing the taillights too...
  10. Would be better if they had trucks that came from the factory with 4"/6" inch lifts or leveled with coilovers.
  11. This. Also depends how fast you're going. I notice a big MPG difference stock going 80mph compared to 65mph
  12. Two days ago when I got her home. 2017 Z71 in dark slate metallic
  13. Just bought a 2017 and will take it to krown within the next few weeks. OP did you take out your fender liners too? Thinking it'd be hard to get up around the fenders with them in?

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