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  1. Diablo I2 Tuner

    also sent you an email. not sure what SPF means
  2. Diablo I2 Tuner

    pm sent
  3. from what i read a while back the i2 and i3 tuners work on the 2017 trucks. i was looking at them a while back and haven't pulled the trigger on one yet
  4. Yep its rail dust. you will fight this for as long as you have the truck. Its tiny metal particles from the brakes of your truck as well as other cars that imbed themselves in the clear coat. no matter what you do this will be an ongoing thing for as long as you own the truck. my 2013 was white and i did a full detail with a clay bar and polish every 4-5 months for the 3 years i had the truck. White and Silver are the most common colors for this issue.
  5. The Newer Alpine units like to see a switched ground. When i put one in my 2013 a couple years ago, i installed a switch in the upper glove box. from there, the brake wire from the head unit went into the switch then out to the radio ground. I had to flip the switch 2-3 times to get it to bypass everything so i could access the menus.
  6. hate to burst your bubble there, but a leveling kit will hurt the ride quality no matter what brand kit you use. It raises the front of the frame higher off the ground and in turn puts more pressure on the front suspension. My wife complained at first about the leveling kit on my truck because of the ride.
  7. it will ride rough empty if you do it. I did it on my 2013 and saw no lift at all from it. but the truck was able to handle loads better. when it was empty it rode like a dump truck until i put bilsteins on. The 5100s helped make it more tolerable with little to no weight in my bed.
  8. it could be a battery issue as well. The cold temps could have something to do with this. With all the electronics in these trucks sometimes low voltage issues can show up in weird ways.
  9. The other thing to keep in mind is trying to find vinyl that matches the color of your truck. i have looked through 3 different vendors and i can only match 4 different colors on the 2014 and up trucks. you may have to go with paint.
  10. one thing to remember though, if someone hits the receiver hard enough, it will bend the frame. A buddy of mine in VA is a body shop Manager and they get 2-3 trucks a year in that are fairly new that end up getting totaled due to frame Damage from having a hitch in.
  11. My First truck... 3.08 rear end question

    My Old 2013 had 3.08s and i will never have another one. when i first got it i didn't have an issue with it, but once i swapped the stock 17's up to 20s, it made the truck a dog. I ended up getting a diablo tuner and that helped, but its nothing like my 17 with the 3.42s in it now. Also keep in mind if you ever do any towing later on down the road, the towing capacity is much lower with the 3.08s. i haven't checked it on the newer trucks, but my 13 had a max towing capacity of just under 5,000 lbs. vs over 7,000 with the 3.42s.
  12. i get where you are coming from, but any other manufacturer is going to charge for an update as well if you are out of warranty. How many miles are on the truck? this should be covered by the powertrain warranty.
  13. Jacobrmiller05's 2017 Silverado Build

    here is how it sits today, I've also Added a Decked Box in the Bed and have a Carven R series Muffler on the way.
  14. Jacobrmiller05's 2017 Silverado Build

    Over the last 2 months, i put on a set of stock polished 20's and ARE Camper shell with a Roof rack off a Nissan Xterra that i modified to fit, A cheap Diamond Eye exhaust System, and also added Vinyl to the hood and decals on the side for my Business.
  15. Jacobrmiller05's 2017 Silverado Build

    i didn't get many good pics for a couple months, but i slowly added stock side steps, aftermarket tow mirrors, and a set of GM accessory 20's

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