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  1. I Just put this same exhaust on my 17. Doesn't sound too bad for the price. Im still debating on changing the muffler out, but overall its not a bad system. I just couldn't pass it up got it for $50 on craigslist
  2. personally i like the 20's better. they just look better on our trucks then the 17s and 18s do in my opinion. your GMC caps will fit in those 20 inch wheels. Also if you do buy those 20's i would keep your 17's as winter wheels. I have the same 20s you do and have seen a bunch of them that look like crap after a couple years from corrosion from road salt.
  3. correct, just because the cost of that vinyl is more than the normal solid colors
  4. the hard part is finding a truck to match the vinyl to. I looked the other day and the closest one i can find on a lot is 300 miles from me.
  5. i am currently using either 3m or Oracle. oracle has a color that matches deep ocean blue metallic pretty well.
  6. Also i can change to color of the text as well. I have Red, White, Black and Satin Black in stock. I may have another couple odds and ends of colors from other jobs left, but i would have to check
  7. Ok Guys, I am able to do these for the 07-13 trucks and all 2014 and up. i am able to match the following colors pretty close. Red Hot Victory Red Black Summit White White Diamond Tricoat Silver Ice Light Steel Grey Siren Red Tintcoat I can get about any other standard color, but paint matching is tough. Standard Colors are $25 Shipped front and back Color Matched is $35 shipped front and Back PM me with your Name, model, color, address and email if you are interested.
  8. not necessarily, i have seen toppers for the 6.5 bed trucks for under $300 used throughout the SE. Summit white is also a very inexpensive paint color. if he shops around and doesn't mind doing some digging i bet he could get one for under $500. i have about $750 in mine and that is with painting is Siren red Tintcoat. the paint and clear was $300 by itself. its all about being patient
  9. i agree check on craiglist for used ones as well. the kobalt boxes at lowes are junk. I've had a couple of them over the years and they never last. Weatherguard is some of the best you can get. they are around $500 at home depot
  10. when will this harness be available?
  11. i have a color swatch book for vinyl coming today. i'll have to see if i can find something that matches it.
  12. i doubt you are going to be able to find them easily. i quick google search brought me here http://mdgglobal.com/inventory/chevrolet/silverado-rockymtn.html Im almost positive this is a special edition that was done by a conversion company similar to rocky ridge.
  13. i'm going to start working on other colors this week. i should be able to start selling them soon
  14. im working on putting these together as vinyl overlay decals. still playing with the sizing a bit, but would be a good option for those who don't have a 16-18. i still have to find vinyl that matches my paint better though

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