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  1. I am getting ready to buy the covers, I am going with perforated I think they look much better.
  2. I installed the MotoFab 2.5 in front only, great kit, Just follow the instruction don`t take any shortcuts.
  3. I just installed Hertz DCX 690.3 with adapters in the front only for now, made a huge difference in sound quality, make sure you line the speaker opening with dynamate or equivalent it will make the a/m adapters fit nice and snug cause they don`t otherwise
  4. That looks frikin awesome, how well do they light up the road at night, & are they too bright to have on all the time.
  5. I have been looking to do the same what brand are those ?, I have been looking all over to try and find ones similar to the Special Ops lamps, if anyone has any ideas would love to hear.-Thanks
  6. I have 2016 Z71 I installed the Motofab 2.5" in the front only, leveled the truck with maybe + - 3/8" lower in the back hard to tell visually. Great product & price.

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