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  1. yes. the outside 6 are slowing dieing on both sides, they are flickering. i pulled the kick panels and un hooked them for now. i am going to try and get a set of lights and build my own boards and leds for them then swap them out.
  2. when i did mine all the wires you need are at the truck side plug in the jam, turn, cargo, running, puddle etc. all the trucks are wired to that point for all door options from what i found.
  3. just an fyi i have the ebay mirrors with the 2 plugs and my amber running lights are already going out after about 4 months
  4. I have looked trough many pages. Anyone running the 275-65-20 ridge grapplers (34.09x10.98) on stock 20's? about to pull the trigger on a set but im second guessing myself

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