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  1. Got the tool. Works great. Thnx
  2. Dealership scanned system, found back two tires sensors were bad. Replaced. Fixed. Thanks everyone
  3. I am going to tackle this this weekend. I am reading many people take throttle body off and clean it. What does cleaning do, in regards to code?. Wouldnt the t positiin sensor need cleaning/replacement? Or is there more to this code I am missing.
  4. I replaced both valves. It was scanned and I had this code. I am disconnected battery prior to replacing each one. CEL went out, then came back very quickly. I need to purchase my own scanner. Any recommendation for this truck, besides a Tech 2...
  5. Tank Pressure Switch on top of fuel tank. Heard it can cause CEL too on evap system.
  6. Thanx everyone. I replaced the vent valve and relocated the hose to the transmission and the pressure switch on the engine. COdes are still there. I have the pressure switch for the tank i am putting on this month, when I get a day off. Nice to know its not much more than the CEL causing this.
  7. Trucks OEM remote start stopped working after check engine light came on. Codes are for EVAP items. Now the remote acknowledges lock doors, then immediately after hitting remote start button and holding it, lights come on, it makes a noise as if a cylinder moved, like doors cyphering, then it stops. But it wont start truck. Any idea what it may be?
  8. Thanks. I guess I need to get some sensors.
  9. Tool did not work. Well, it registered driver tire once, but failed to honk born after the one time to carry on to other tires.
  10. Thnx, bought the tool, and just adjusted to 35 psi cold, 58 degrees outside. Hopefully it will do something, otherwise, relearn sensors with the tool, then if that doesnt work, off to figure out getting new sensors installed.
  11. Thanks. I did 40 psi due to recommendations from others using the tires I have Cooper AT3 And that is what SEARS put in them when bought. Will too much pressure cause the sensor to light too?
  12. Is there a way to scan, or test to see if it is all sensors or just one etc? I inflated all my tires to 40 psi, did the step by step instruction in the owners manual to reset them, and still the warning light flashes, then stays on solid. And if i have to replace them, any advice, cost, type or just take it to the dealership Thanks,
  13. Hmm, When I retune my older car, I have the capability to check the code/dtc to not to monitor or allow it to cause check engine. Granted this is for a 93 Corvette. But it is in the tune parameters. For example, if I were to delete the rear O2 sensors, or an EGR, I can put a check next to the EGR code or rear O2 sensors, and they will not trigger the check engine light. I used TTS Datamaster for it. I was hoping a tuner had software where you can tune out CEL.
  14. I have a 2008 Z71 2wd Crew Cab 5.3 flex fuel Silverado, 103000 miles 4L60/70E transmission. I want a tuner, programmer etc where i can decide which check engine light DTC's will turn the CEL on. Is there such a tuner/programmer available? I have a few DTCs that wont go away, and I have disconnected battery and replaced all parts the dealership said were causing said DTC. No time to keep playing with this, I would rather just turn them off, and monitor vehicle myself.

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