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  1. So I managed to peel the boost glass with heating element intact off of they backing plastic and place it onto the 1a auto backing. Shaped right in place and looks like a million bucks. That will hold me over till 1a auto gets the new glass in so it matches
  2. Thanks! Not sure why some say you can't paint chrome plastic. Just prep it correctly and don't rush it.
  3. I'm no painter but they came out very nice. Match perfectly, metallic and all. Base and clear were from automotivetouchup.com
  4. They were chrome caps. I sanded them with a med grit sanding block. 2 coats of adhesion promoter. 3 coats of primer. Fine sand to clean up some imperfections in the primer. 4 coats of base 3 coats of clear
  5. They came out great! Can't make pictures terrible enough to upload to this forum
  6. 1a auto after telling me they dont carry the glass twice then told me they are just out of stock and they are on back order. 2-3 weeks. I'm on that wait list but I hope they weren't just saying that to get me off the phone :/ lol
  7. Spoke to Adam from boost. They aren't the same backing but he's gonna send me 2 for the price of one and I'm gonna try and put boost glass on 1a auto mirrors
  8. The heating element is just double sided tape to the glass and looks like it could just be swaped to the new mirror glass. I contacted boost but they only offer glass with a directional built in to the glass. I cant figure out why they have this mirror but no glass options? Very dissapointed in 1a auto
  9. I saw those. The ones on boost have the built in directional like the oem ones but would still be much better than a crack in the glass I suppose. 😁 any other options out there?
  10. So I managed to crack my upper passenger mirror glass and called 1a auto. They told me they don't carry the upper glass only the lower. I need help locating new glass for it and i feel like ive looked at every web site im fimilliar with? Any suggestions? Help please!

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