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  1. If your truck is a 2017 l96 it is flex fuel correct? Read document ID #4518520 . The second paragraph details the fuel delivery system and yours does not have a fuel composition sensor.
  2. I am a mechanic in a Buick-Gmc dealer and have not seen many valvetrain issues on the 6.0's. The engines with AFM is another story altogether.I just finished a camshaft,lifters,vlom,and one cylinder head on a 2015 yukon with a 5.3 that had 37,000 miles on it Wednesday and today got a 2016 Yukon XL with 31,000 miles on it running on seven cylinders and making alot of valve train noise on the right bank, I pulled that valve cover off and have a broken exhaust valve spring on number 6 which is an AFM cylinder.It is almost always a cylinder with deactivation which either break the lifter or flatten the cam out.Both engines were clean inside and obviously maintained. We are seeing alot of theses lately.I am waiting on parts to finish this one Monday and hopefully it is just a valve spring on this one.
  3. Check out document ID#4881898 (can't provide a link) If you google service update 17388 it will bring you to the correct document.It says it is for the pressure relief valve in the rear body allowing water intrusion into the cab on 2018 siverado and sierra, we have two 2016's in the shop right now leaking from the same area, carpets are soaked and stinks of mildew. It apparently affects other years also. If you remove the rear seat and trim , you can pull the padding away from the rear panel and you will probably see a puddle and rust stains from the lower portion of the vent. If your truck is brand new bring it back and give them this service update and doc id number.Let them deal with it under your warranty.
  4. I am a mechanic in a Gmc-Buick dealership and also happen to own a 2017 2500hd 6.0 and I can tell you that is not normal. Did you just fuel up before it was left overnight? The way those fuel rails sit in the intake manifold has the number 7 and 8 injectors catching all the sediment and crap in the fuel. I would keep a close eye on it. The misfiring can and will damage the cats.
  5. Can never hurt to change fluids early. Do it while your buddy is still there so he can make sure they do what they are supposed to.
  6. Does not have an external fuel filter.Put a fuel pressure gauge on the fitting on the rail and monitor it for pressure drop when shut off.The fact that it starts right up after turning the key on and waiting to crank sounds like What JD110 said above about a leaking check valve in the fuel pump module. The waiting pressurizes the rail and it starts normally.
  7. There is a service bulletin about that and it says to see if the noise goes away with a full tank.If it does, they say its fuel sloshing in the tank and is considered normal.

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