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  1. Had a new windshield Installed, and installed avs low profile hood protector
  2. I ordered from them on the 2nd received it on the 7th. I'm in Orlando don't remember where it ships from
  3. We pretty much have the same truck haha. I put the same muffler on, deleted the resonator and flapper. First trip on the highway I thought i was going to be sick from the drone, but either its toned itself down or I dont notice it anymore. Love how it sounds when you get on it.
  4. What brand white vinyl did you use? Looking into wrapping the front grill and headlights white also
  5. New to the forum, finally upgraded to a 2017 5.3 after 13 years in my 2004 WT single cab 6 cylinder silverado. I've had her for 2 weeks and switched rims, tinted the windows and switched up the antenna. Blacking out the bow tie tomorrow and exhaust in the near future.

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