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  1. Have you ever noticed that the factory puts the small mud flaps on wrong? I got the new Denali and the flaps that came with it are on the front side of the tire!!! I first didn't think anything of it then I saw they were on the forward side of the tire, not the trailing... rotation flings thing back toward the rear, not so much to the front... Thought it was just mistake until I went into the dealer. The Anyway they are all that way. Now I just ordered some not so expensive flares, which use stock mounting so no hole drilling. we will see when i get them just how cheap they are made!,, i will paint then and add some rock protector on the entire flare to cut down on chipping... these are 3.5 inch,,,, I think just enough to protect body some and make a beefier look... now I am wondering should I carbon wrap them rather than paint? Chrome or fiber? or stock paint and some pin stripping? or just what????? To much thinking, my head hurts. But Flares do help and look good!
  2. From what i have been told and have played around with is the control arm of the magnaride sensor. take it off and it throws a code and rides rough. change the length without changing anything else and rough ride,. so what ever you change,you need to change the sensor arm/ height to put it back to it's original center sensor position. there are kits that were made to work with non magnaride systems, and now they put a level block in and ride is restored... the secret is the sensor position. The magnaride sense the acceleration and posistion of the shock and changes the shock response
  3. New user fromCA.

    Been lurking for awhile, and reading. This is my 4th GMC Sierra Denali, Love the 6.2 engine. So far I have added a Volant cold air and dual exhaust with a pro-flow muffler. Fairly quiet, But flow is defiantly there. wish I had been a little bit more aggressive, but happy with it so far. I can feel the performance difference and the mileage around town has not suffered.. so far 3,000 miles and average in town is 15.7 to 15.9 tank to tank. 800 mile rad trip netted me 25.2 so i have no complaints... want to do a pro charger, or roots style charger!!!! jst cant find the coins in the piggy bank... I have an edge tuner, but not mounted it yet, mainly since it is 3 trucks old, wondering if update is needed.... lots of thought going on... Would like to hear of of common sense power updates for performance :-) but at 70 my wife says, "Stop acting like a Kid! you don't need it" Well she is right, i dont need it, BUT i do want more power... Even looked at a nitrous shot just to get that funny look form someone trying to test me from the light still looking.. I want the nimble feel of a Porsche, the power of a Funny Car, the bite of an off road truck, but the looks of a city truck sleeper. (Anyone got a 512 Big Block with a 12-71 blower, that would be a sleeper and a half) Power secrets ? i am all ears... BTW just ordered a tuned throttle body,, Steve

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