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  1. Those bowties look horrible IMO. I like the color of the truck though (Blue).
  2. What do ya Shoot? - Camera, Lenses, & other gear

    I photograph mostly Police, Fire, Military, Drag races and classic cars. Sometimes I shoot landscapes and night scenes. More can be found on my website.
  3. Hello (new owner of 2017 Ocean Blue Silverado)

    Good to know on the gunmetal. I just don't want to go to overboard with black. Though I do like the chrome.
  4. Chit chat

    One of my friends had a garage built on his 10 + acres and had 2 lifts installed inside. I am going up to see him so I can check out his garage soon from his pics it looks pretty sweet. Now he can use the lifts for his 69 Camaro and Chevelle.
  5. Anyone from the Bay area?

    Alameda here.
  6. Hello (new owner of 2017 Ocean Blue Silverado)

    I want to swap out the bowtie and add the illuminated black bowtie. Window Tint is on the list. I saw the thread of another DOB Chevy owner like mine and was looking through it to get ideas.
  7. What do ya Shoot? - Camera, Lenses, & other gear

    I am a Canon fanatic. I moonlight as a photographer. Here is my website if you would like to check out what I photograph most. www.jennyspixs.com Bodies: 6D xTi Lens: 24-105mm 100-400mm 16-35mm 4 tripods Canon Speed lite Lee's Filters
  8. Hello all, My name is Jenny from California and I am a new owner of the 2017 Deep Ocean Blue Silverado LT. I've always wanted a truck so when it was time to sell my Ford Exploder I started looking at Chevys. I am looking for suggestions or advice on what type of wheels and rims (maybe gunmetal rims). I like the chrome but I don't want to go to overboard with the Chrome. I want to add line-x to the bed still trying to decide if I want it to match the bed color or just black. Especially since I am going to have a friend install the bed cover that I bought from Gator covers. If there are other Blue Chevy owners like me speak up. I would like suggestions and advice. Thank you Jenny

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