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  1. Wheel and Tire Change: Recal Needed?

    This is speculation but I'd bet that within the margin of error for the speedometer. I'm not smart enough on TPMS to know what is causing your current issue but it's interesting, for sure. I suspect you'll be good to go once the tool arrives and you can reprogram everything.
  2. Wheel and Tire Change: Recal Needed?

    I doubt the size difference will make much of a difference and I don't even know how accurate GM is when they calibrate their speedometers. They might use an "average" speed for their various tire sizes. Someone smarter than me on the software in the truck could probably answer that. If you want to know how your speedometer will change, you can take the old and new tire sizes and put them in to a calculator online. There are several to choose from. Here's one I just grabbed from Google: https://tiresize.com/speedometer-calibration/
  3. LEGO Saturn V

    I have been watching the Saturn V set for months because it's been sold out. It looks awesome. I missed a chance a couple months ago to order but they came available again yesterday. I finally ordered one and I'm pretty excited. Sure enough, they sold out in a couple hours again. There are third party sellers all over the place selling that set for $50ish above what LEGO is selling it for. If anyone else is looking, watch out for the Chinese knock-offs, too. Those are everywhere.
  4. Nice. Any idea what the shale color one might be (with HomeLink buttons)?
  5. I’m in for a swap, too. I’d love more information on parts if anyone has it.
  6. I would recommend the upgrade, too. So far I have swapped the front door speakers and the in-dash tweeters. The dash speakers didn’t seem much different but the door speakers made a huge difference. I also added a subwoofer but, since you aren’t looking for more bass, you could probably skip that. I think you’ll be happy with the improved mids and highs from new speakers.
  7. That looks fantastic. I agree - that should be how the factory paints it.
  8. I opted to open mine up to replace the turn signals and marker lights with clear lenses. I posted about it here: I agree with ChevyRoofer - if I had it to do over again, I would have skipped this step and gone straight to LTZ lights, hard to find as they are, so I could make some money back selling the OEM set I started with. I wouldn't feel comfortable selling my current lights as they are now unless someone came to see them in person first.
  9. I took my headlamps apart to clear the lenses but the same process obviously applies if you want to paint the housing. Here is my post about it: I'm happy to answer any question if you're thinking about trying it. As I mentioned in the referenced post, I'm not sure I'd do it again.
  10. I recently cleared the front lights on my 2017 Silverado LT. I really like the LTZ headlamps but didn't want to spend $1600 on an actual set (I might grab a pair down the road when they start making their way to salvage yards) so the Klearz lenses seemed like a decent, less expensive alternative. As for the process, it was pretty tough and I'm not sure I'd do it again. Bear in mind, however, this was my first attempt at opening sealed headlights and I had a lot to learn in the process. These headlights have a solid bead of permaseal all the way around and it was tough to keep them at a workable temperature. The workable temperature for the permaseal also leaves the plastic housing VERY soft so it was tricky to pry the permaseal out without damaging the housing. There were a lot of trips back and forth from the oven. The learning curve was pretty good, though. The second one was a lot smoother than the first and I have some tips if anyone is considering it. I'm not especially happy with the quality of my work on them and I definitely notice the imperfections. The lights are properly sealed and work fine but the fit and finish isn't great. As a group of people that care more about your trucks than most, all of you would likely notice my substandard work but I doubt an average person would pay much attention. Before: After: You might have noticed I also swapped the tow mirror turn signals with a set from Boost Auto. I'm pretty happy with those.
  11. Thanks! The mirrors are GM OEM. I ordered them with the truck and installed them myself. The part number for the mirrors is 23371780. They are NOT power folding. There are several great threads about it here already but if you want full functionality for the lights and don’t already have mirror lights you will need new door harnesses, as well. There are some folks that make harnesses but if you want the OEM harnesses, they are parts 23342729 (driver side) and 23342715 (passenger side). Those harnesses and the mirrors will effectively change you from a DL8 to DL3 (minus power folding) RPO code. I also ordered smoked turn signals and relays from Boost Auto Parts to get turn signal functionality out of the amber marker lights. You can see the difference in lenses in the photos I posted.
  12. I need some help from you GM savvy folks that are more "plugged in" than I am. I am attempting to replace my OEM headlamps with a "custom OEM" set. I have already cleared the lenses on my current headlamps but I didn't do a great job with the fit/finish. They're sealed and work just fine but I'm still looking to improve on them. The desire is to install headlamps that are a mix of LT and LTZ headlamps. I'm basically trying to take LTZ lights and replace the internal trim with the LT trim (if it fits around the LED bulb) and install clear marker lights to get the look I want. I know you can order the entire assembly just about anywhere but not the individual pieces. I also understand that the lights are assembled by GM in a clean room and sealed after they are perfectly cleaned. That's a challenge I'm willing to deal with. Does anyone know if it's possible for a regular nobody (me) to get access to the headlamp components for a 2017 Silverado without them already assembled? In my perfect world, I could order the headlamps I want assembled by GM so they can use their superb facilities but I expect that's a bridge too far. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to take this one on.
  13. I just did a swap on my 2017. I went with more common method of using separate bulbs and resistors. I made a thread here if you're interested: Here's the stuff I used. Bulbs: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071YZQGTS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Resistors: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L4V9ECY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I'm very happy with the results. The only think I can't speak to is the durability of everything. I'll add an update if anything breaks unexpectedly.
  14. JC_StL’s 2016 Silverado Z71 LT double cab

    I am running a 6" Fabtech lift that I'm very happy with. I think it's best described as a "middle of the road" kit. Certainly not high-end but not a budget lift, either. That said, you likely won't need a pricey kit if you're just looking to lift a few inches to fit bigger tires on stock rims. Enjoy the truck and I look forward to following along.
  15. Thanks! The lights are the original LT lights with clear lenses. I put LEDs and resistors in place of the OEM bulbs. I hope to put LTZ lights in eventually but I don’t care to spend the money on a new set right now. I’m hoping to get lucky and find a pair at a salvage yard eventually. I do not expect that will happen any time soon.

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