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  1. I will buy the same as you I'm hopefully they are better than the ones that I put thanks man
  2. No This is the one with the good image wait I am trying to post the one with the lines but it won't let me
  3. No because before I installing the LEDs the camera was just perfect
  4. so you're telling me if you unlock the truck without starting the backpack camera comes on I go check right now and I sent some pictures to you
  5. those are the one that I'm using for reverse and cargo lamp they are good but doesn't work with the camera
  6. Perfect so I will give them a try mine is also a 17 LTZ crew cab hopefully I can take care of the problem or I will go back to the halogen
  7. what year is your truck because if this one's are working for you I'm buying them right now
  8. I am trying to find the bolbs that is right for The Back-up Camera before I keep buying I really love the white LED lights in set of that yellow ones I did not buy the same as you but something similar so far no luck and I cannot find anybody that has put LED with The Back-up Camera
  9. You have back up camera because my camera doesn'twork right after installing led for reverse

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