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  1. Dnt, Your example has one accident listed and more than 71k miles. That's a walk away from for me. Ron505, That's not a bad deal at all. 49k miles in 4 years is your average 12k per year. No biggie. No shakes and no stories on the car fax is good stuff. I have basically the same truck as Grump. 2015 Reg cab, standard box except I have the 5.3 and 4 wheel drive. I don't consider it comparable to what your looking at.
  2. Ran into this thread about an hour ago. May I say there is some animosity in some of these posts. Had me laughing most of the way through it. To the OP, most likely the plugs made the difference. The red wires are sharp. I prefer yellow myself.
  3. Cheating at the Olympics?

    I'm not knocking the game or the effort, just disgusted with the idea of doping.
  4. Been watching the Olympics the last couple of days and kind of taken an interest in Curling. You know, shuffleboard on ice. Seems like a nice easy going game, someone "throws the rock" and a couple of others polish the ice with brooms to make it change direction to get it closer to the center of the circle or knock the other team's rock out of the circle. Being a little naive at my old age, one would figure it would be really hard to cheat. Then today there was a big announcement: The Olympic Athletes from Russia mixed doubles team was disqualified and forfeited the bronze medal for DOPING. Why on earth do you need to dope for a game like that? Holy crap
  5. Seems to be just intakes and exhaust. Could be the direct injection heads.
  6. Daytona 500 today

    And the 3 car wins. 20 years after Dale Sr won it. Bubba came in second
  7. Daytona 500 today

    3 laps to go and they wrecked. Bubba is still in it though. Could be the 43 car is gonna get a good finish.
  8. Daytona 500 today

    You are correct. The plastic has started to fly. 5 cars out at the end of stage 1.
  9. Ok. But that wasn't really the point.
  10. Daytona 500 today

    Great American Race is about to start. New drivers all over the place. Can't find a Richard, Cale, Dale, Darrel, Bobby, Davy, or Terry anywhere. Wondering how much sheet metal is gonna fly?
  11. Possible. If it's stuck open or partially open it won't get up to temp. Watch the temp gauge to see if it gets up to that lovely 200 degree mark and stays there. If it doesn't get that warm, then t-stat is next. As far as the miss fire, (since the fuel system has been repaired) you could be accumulating some water in the gas tank. Could be coming right out of the pump in this cold weather. You could try to run a tank or 2 of non-ethanol gas (if you can find it). That seems to help mine in this weather when it runs less than perfect. Keep in mind, the electronics are nice but mechanically these engines are pretty much the same as they were 60 years ago.
  12. Definitely go for the easy stuff first. Get it good and warm to get the water to "percolate" out. Check the oil fill cap for slime as stated above, clean it off and check it again after driving it up to temperature again a few times. If it keeps coming back, check the PCV for the same condition. Clean it or replace it if needed. It should move freely and will have a little oil in it which is normal. If your not seeing water build up in the summer, then it's probably not anything major. Gotta run them hard every once in awhile to make them sneeze out the nasties.
  13. Cowpie and Grumpy are right. Winter blend fuels cost me a minimum of 3 MPGs every year from October until April here in the snow belt of N.Y. This year has been one of the worst with January temps hanging in the teens most of the time and snow falling a foot at a time every few days. The guy in the article saying it would help to increase the ethanol content to 15% represents the renewable fuels companies and is trying to sell more ethanol. There is no benefit from ethanol in controlling the volatility. Ethanol was added to "extend the country's fuel supply" in case of shortages. The auto makers don't want any part of it (wholesale parts changes headed in the direction of E-85 mods) and the refiners don't either because it will cost more to make the gas. They have to pay for all that ethanol whether they use it or not. EPA mandated quantities they are required to buy. Rant over
  14. I'll bet it's close and the Eldo has more leg room Annhl8rX said he is getting a tune. That won't cost $2,750 (CAD) I'm thinking. That 6.2 can push a $40K truck over $50K with the special packages that usually come with it. 10SierrA.T. If that 6.2 is what you wanted then, it's all good.

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