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  1. My Summit White 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation Edition SLE Z71 Crew, so far got 20x9 Fuel Nutz Rims, 305/55/20 BFG AT KO2, Ranch Hand Grille Guard, Got aftermarket LED Cargo Lamp And Tail Lights, cold air intake install next week and Boost Auto Parts Tow Mirrors the week after, and Magnaflow Pro Series Exhaust the week after. Later on closer to summer a Magnum Headache rack and bed rails and a 4.5" Zone lift with some 35's.
  2. This happened to me the other month and the problem went away on its own after a day.
  3. BrandonPrasad's 2017 GMC Sierra 1500

    I think any aftermarket light your looking at a bit of extra sealing
  4. BrandonPrasad's 2017 GMC Sierra 1500

    So here is my build, I have a 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Z71 Crew Cab Elevation Edition Summit White 5.3 L Flex, purchased on March of 2017, I didn't know what I really wanted to do with it so I started out with a 2.5" Levelling Kit, changed out the stock tires with some 305/55/R20 BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2's and some 20x9 Fuel Nutz Rims with a offset of +12. There is a slight rub at full turn. I then ordered a RanchHand Grille Guard which came out to approximately 1000-1300 CAD from the GM Dealership, and the next day rain guards and a bug deflector which costed $180 CAD from the dealership. My next purchase then followed with a Mictuning 60" LED Tailgate Strip Light which came out to $40.00 CAD on Amazon, then the 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 Tube Led Tail Light Black Housing Clear Lens Upgrade off of eBay which was 288.91 CAD. I also changed out all my exterior bulbs with LED Bulbs (Such as the plate light bulbs, turn signal bulbs, and reverse bulbs). The 50" curved led light bar that is mounted on my roof is the AuxBeam 5D Projector Lens 288W Light Bar which cost $189 CAD and the one on my grille guard is a 40" Auxbeam Cree Flood/Spot Combo which was $131 CAD. The rear third brake light was the most pain to install, I paid $100 CAD off of eBay, had to reseal the weather stripping all around it, and both screw holes cracked when installing so I coated it with LePage Glue and it sealed nicely. To Do K&N 63 Series Cold Air Intake Magnaflow Pro Series Exhaust 4.5" Zone Offroad Lift 35" BFG AT KO2 Tires Color Matched Summit White Tow Mirrors Go Rhino Bed Rails with LEDs RIGID Flush Mount Lights in Bumper Steps Rock Lights Footwell Interior Lights
  5. I have a Magnaflow Offroad Pro Series Exhaust on order right now, just waiting for it to show up but pairs nicely from a video I seen with the K&N 63 Series Cold air, will post pictures once installed
  6. Yup I just took mine off today cause it cracked on the right side where the screw goes so I’m applying clear epoxy/glue to seal the small crack up cause it’s seeping in water , let the inside dry out, reseal all around the edges and put it back on tomorrow, this Canadian winter will put it to the test see how long it lasts
  7. I had LED bulbs in my OEM housing and switched the light to this and this puts more light out than my stock, might’ve been the bulbs I was using before but definitely notice a difference for sure
  8. They are way brighter definitely brightens up the box nicely, I was playing around with it on my break trying to get it to fit in properly, I recommend sealing it though if you do decide to get it, I live in Canada and water looks like it’ll freeze around the housing and make it expand and crack it
  9. I’ll definitely get some tomorrow have to do some modifying to get it to fit, the plastic where the screw holes are is too long on the back of it so I have to file it down a bit to get it to sit in the spot properly

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