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  1. Nice trucks, here is mine. tires are 325/60r20’s not 35/12.50r20’s. Not sure anybody could tell the difference anyway
  2. Looking for a picture of a 1500 with a 6” lift and 35/12.50r20’s.
  3. I would understand the differential being louder in 4wd auto. This is a whine/humming on drivers side in 2wd and putting in in 4wd auto makes it go away. Its opposite of what of what you think should happen
  4. I got a gear noise in my front differential that i’ve been fighting with the dealership about. They say its the tires but i drive the truck everyday i know what the tires sound like. When i hear the noise i can put the truck in 4wd auto and it goes away. Take it out of 4wd and it doesn’t return. Thats not tire noise. Its temperature dependent, above 60 degrees doesn’t do it ever. Its in the teens now and the only way to get it to go away is switching to 4wd auto. Truck is 2017 silverado with 5.3. 10,000 miles on it. Going to another dealership and trying to have all the info i can get before i go.
  5. 2017 silverado 5.3 with 3:42 gears. So i’ve been having this issue with a humming noise that starts around 40 and is heard up to 75 mph. It literally showed up one day on the way to work on the highway. Truck had about 7,000 miles on it and the weather just turned cold. Sometimes its rythmic(4 seconds of noise then no noise). Sometimes its constant. Coming from front driverside. Can barely feel it in my feet when it occurs. The kicker is when i hear it i can put it into 4wd auto and the noise immediately goes away. If i drive for about 15 miles of highway the noise will also fade out if i dont do the 4wd auto trick. I’ve done some searching and saw a forum about this issue back in 2015 but cant really find anymore about it. The forum also said it was a front differential issue and guys were having them replaced after a lot of battling with gm. Most said the noise came back after 1000 miles of having the diff replaced. Any help is appreciated with this. I’m trying to get all the info i can before i do the service manager shuffle.
  6. Going into 4wd auto immediately does away with the noise
  7. Throttle position doesn’t affect it. It does change with speed. Above 75 its very hard to hear because of wind and tire noise
  8. 2017 silverado 5.3 with 3.42 rear end. Noticed when its cold out a get a rythmic type whining that comes and goes about every 5 seconds. At highway speeds it more consistent. If i hear it and put it in 4wd Auto it immediately goes away and doesnt return after i go back to 2wd. It doesn’t do it if its above 45 degrees outside or i drive the truck for a distance. I’m trying to get as much info as i can before i take it in because the truck has aggressive tires and i know i’m going to get the classic “its your tires” response from the dealership. Any info is greatly appreciated

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