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  1. Leveled with -12mm wheels

    that looks nice. any rubbing issues?
  2. Leveled with -12mm wheels

    I'm definitely going to look into this setup. thanks for the info!
  3. Leveled with -12mm wheels

    That looks really good. Any rubbing issues?
  4. Leveled with -12mm wheels

    I'm looking for wheel and tire ideas for my 14 LTZ Z71. I'm thinking a 285/65/18 with a -12mm offset. please post pics if you have something similar. Thank you
  5. do you have any pics of your truck? sounds like a stout looking setup. what leveling kit do you have?
  6. Thank you. that's a good size tire. I'm not trying to go that wide. is that a all terrain or a street tire?
  7. So how would I figure out the height of the level? I know the height of the front wheelwell is at 38", I don't have a baseline to go off of since it came this way when I bought the truck.
  8. So it does have a spacer on the bottom for sure, so now would a 275/70 or 285 fit without rubbing? and if I were to buy new wheels what offset would get them a little further out -12 or -18. I don't want them too far out past the fender.
  9. I've had a few different quads over the years, a pair of 07 700 Raptors, a 97 Banshee, Stock 86 TRX 250R (all are gone now). Now I have another 86 TRX 250R that I completely rebuilt from the ground up. out of all the quads I've owned, this is by far my favorite. I did all the work minus the engine/trans rebuild. it was a fun and frustrating project.
  10. I did buy it from a dealer, it's a larger used car dealership. They didn't even know it had the remote start lol. I should have more time to get under it this weekend and see if I can find anything.
  11. They are Rancho shocks. i will try to take some pics today. Thanks for the info.
  12. Thanks for the response. I'm just looking to get a little more tire under it. Thinking 275/65 or 285's

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