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  1. I recently put a top mount 1.5 spacer on my 17. It feels lighter in steering wheel to me. You aren’t alone. I like the look but not the feel.
  2. Here’s mine. Got it around Labor Day. 1st pic is after it’s first wash. 2nd is after tint. I have wanted a blue one for about 3 years and I finally got one. Only thing I wish it had is the nice ck157 chrome 22’s. 3 grand is a little steep from the dealer. Maybe I’ll pick up a set from someone one day.
  3. I went with a 1.5” summit performance top mount spacer. I like the results. I chose it because a guy a work has what looks to be a 2” possibly 2.5” lower mount spacer and he rubbed his inner wheel on the uca. I also am hoping for longer life out of the ball joints with the smaller option. We both have factory 20’s. A 1.5” lower mount probably wouldn’t have rubbed. Plus the install would have been quicker. Something else to consider. I bought a lifetime alignment from Firestone since I plan on keeping my truck for several years.
  4. I don’t know which phone you have but I bought a qi case on amazon for my 6s. That worked for me.

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