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  1. When I get it back, I'll report my findings. When it gets out of warranty, I intend to do a cam and a true DOD/AFM delete. I'll report on that too
  2. Thank you. Yup, it's the tick TSB
  3. And I may have found the answer.
  4. I took mine in today for the noise and a coolant leak. They just called and said they're replacing the driver's side cylinder head.
  5. Well. I got my exhaust on today. I can definitely say it’s not the flapper valve or the stock cats. As stated above, my oil is a little over full. I may send it for analysis and see what happens.
  6. Awesome write up. I’m also curious if there’s a more budget friendly swap from a Camarillo or ctsv
  7. I have V4 disabled. Still have the noise. I'm leaning towards valvetrain. It does it in v8 mode.
  8. Well, I got rid of the stock cats with the LTs and I still hear it.
  9. The dealer told me it was the exhaust flapper. I heard it in one of my loaners too. The catback I'm getting deletes that. I also have AFM disabled.
  10. I've got a MBRP cat back coming. I'll report if anything changes after it goes on.
  11. Depending how many miles are on it when you sell it, it will either help or hurt.
  12. I'm gonna jump in. Ive got the flutter. Sounds metallic. I hear it usually going up a hill right before a downshift. 1500-1800rpm. It's usually when the truck is warm. Sounds like footwell. I recently put on LTs, and the sound is still present. Is this different than everyone else's noise?
  13. help with header choice

    I put on Catted 1 3/4" ARH headers. Still getting a CEL for catalyst efficiency. I can say this, you need a tune with them. It's night and day difference.
  14. That's what I normally use is redline. I had seen the NS stuff, but didn't know one that had used it.

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