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  1. So, it has the LM7 engine. I forgot, is that the flex fuel engine? I wish I could find out the gearing options.
  2. I am looking at a 2006 GMC Sierra Crew Cab. I was wondering, how can I find out what kind of gears and engine it has? Also, does anyone know of any problems with the 2006 model years?
  3. I am not planning a lift or level or aggressive tires. I am thinking a truck might be good for our expanding family, besides getting a SUV. Heck, they get about the same gas mileage.
  4. Hey guys. Wondering what you all are getting for gas mileage on the highway. I would be looking at a Crew Cab-4 wheel drive truck, with the 5.3 V-8. Do these trucks get better mileage than the 2008 to 2013 model years? Thanks.

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