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  1. De-badged “Sierra” from doors, Added matte black Z71 emblems, & Black Z71 decals on bed



  2. Satin/Gloss Black or Matte Black? I’m looking to buy some new wheels this week, but can’t decide on what will look best on my black truck. I added a couple wheels that I’ve narrowed myself down to. I’d appreciate any thoughts/experience you may have. ✭
  3. I finally got all of my emblems painted matte black. I like the look a lot better than the red. ✭
  4. I was just curious as I stated before. Have a good one up there
  5. That’s wild. I’ve just never experienced any issues myself and have never heard of any until joining this group. Best of luck
  6. I’ve heard so many people claim this on here, but have never seen or heard of that happening to anyone. I’ve had 5 different 1/2 tons with the 2.5/3 setup and drive on my ranch at home and down oilfield lease roads daily and have never had any issue.
  7. 2015 GMC Z71 2.5” Front & 3” in the rear
  8. Thanks man. 305/55/20 Amp Terrain Gripper AT/MT
  9. I put a level on mine, with the big block in the rear, and also put on a HD towing add-a-leaf kit since I pull a trailer sometimes. This is the second 1/2 ton I’ve done this too and have been happy with the results. Just the way I went. You're truck looks good. They look better at work than they do in a driveway.
  10. Yea with an added 3” block in the back

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