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  1. Watch GMC Unveil The 2019 Sierra Live With Us Today

    Love the new tailgate!!
  2. Husky Liners Xact... Good Stuff, better than WT's for sure
  3. HI All, just wanted to give this a bump, ordered the UPR Catch Can with everything, CSS, check valves, etc..., install was really easy, shipping was fast (aside from Canada customs holding my package). All the fittings and hoses are perfect, looks like it's a factory option. Communication was great with Joe and Bryan. Highly recommend if you guys are considering a catch can give them a shout.
  4. Also curious when the 2017+ 6.2L factory GM cold air intake comes out? anyone have some inside info? Thanks,
  5. Hi All, finally read all 294 pages of this thread and couldn't find an answer. I'm looking at a winter tire setup probably 265/70/17 Bridgestone blizzaks dmv2 or w965 on Method NV's with 0 offset, does anyone know if these will rub? Truck is a stock everything 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali. Many thanks in advance
  6. subscribing... would like to know about comparison as well
  7. Subscribing, looking to pick up one of these in the near future. Will contact you soon with some questions on which one to get. TIA
  8. Hi Donstar, thanks for the welcome, that's one of the first I've heard someone not bashing the AFM. I'll take that into consideration.
  9. Just an intro post, recently picked up a 2017 Black on Black Denali, first GM Truck, looking forward to learning lots from all you fine folk here. Was wondering if anyone in the Greater Toronto Area knows where to get a Range AFM Disabler locally, informed by Range rep, 2017's need Version 8.6. Thanks in Advanced,

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