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  1. So I've been curious about the same issue. Just bought my 2015 used and it appears that my OnStar has expired (or been expired). I have a Nav icon, but mine says "OnStar NAV". When I select it, it displays multiple messages: "No active route", There is currently no active route", and " Press the OnStar button to set a route". I'm 100% ok with using google maps or Waze mirrored off of my iPhone. I just don't really feel the need to pay for an OnStar subscription, but it would be nice to look at the 8" screen in my dash rather than looking down at the 4.7" screen on my phone when navigating. Any assistance in mirroring my phone is greatly appreciated!
  2. Anyone know of any good places to ride in/near Middle Tennessee? I am familiar with Wild Flower MX park. Looking for more options in both woods riding and MX tracks. I ride with my 10 yr old son, so looking for good options to accommodate his KX65.
  3. I think it's a good looking truck. Anxious to see more photos/options.
  4. I’m looking for a take-off set of 20’s also. I think they look better
  5. Are your housings factory HID? I have a 2015 with halogens and want to go HID. I’d like to buy factory housings before trying a retrofit. What are you running in the pics above?
  6. Contento's 2015 Silverado Z71 Midnight Edition

    Great looking truck! I'll have to do some digging on here, but I'm interesting in some of the mods you mentioned above. What is the purpose of the oil catch can?
  7. Completely understand. If I can find a deal on factory 18” or 20” wheels, I’ll probabky just level mine and oversize the tires. I just don’t want spacers to help avoid rubbing. At that point, I’ll just buy some aftermarket wheels. Like you, I don’t want to look like a teeny-bopper driving around.
  8. The zero offset would have brought your wheel in closer to the frame? Do you think that would’ve prevented the rubbing?
  9. Did you do the install yourself? Any need for an alignment afterwards? What size tires (and wheel specs) are you running?
  10. BrandonPrasad's 2017 GMC Sierra 1500

    Probably a very accurate statement. Got tired of sealing aftermarket headlights in my 2006 Tacoma.
  11. New member again from Socal

    I’d love to hear more about the video and other benefits. I have the Telematics in my 2015 and would love to get a moving map and some nav without subscribing to onstar. I’d love to find a way to mirror Waze from my phone.
  12. First time GMC owner

    Very nice truck! Hoping to eventually get mine to the same stance. Not sure if the 4.3 will like 35s though. Hoping to get some opinions/experience on here. I’ll probably stick with 33s.

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