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  1. Westin X Running boards

    Got a picture of them on the truck?
  2. Lot's of opinions on here and some good facts too. I absolutely love my 4.3 in my 15 Silverado. Got 24.2 MPG on a small 700 mile trip and consistently in the 20s around town. I haven't tried pulling a trailer or heavy load, but it's not often I do that anyway; so it's perfect for me. I wasn't looking for a V6, but the truck had every other option that I wanted. So I guess you could say that it found me.
  3. Sounds like you got a deal. Hit me up on PM if you want to make a deal on your old housings.
  4. 2014 stock take offs

    Well if you still have them in 3 months, let me know and maybe we can work something out. PM me and I'll give you my #.
  5. Where did you set the clip on the 5100's? Was the ride more stiff in the front?
  6. Great looking wheel. I wish you were closer to TN.
  7. Yeah I dug through that thread a little yesterday. There are quite a few pages to read. So it looked like fast headlights offers a kit with the mini projectors for non OEM projector housings (which is what I have). From best I can tell, this requires splitting the headlight housing and a re-seal post install? I was on the tacomaworld forum (when I had my Taco) and read a lot about retrofits and the products offered by TRS. I was just too afraid to split headlamp housings and risk moisture problems. I agree with everyone though, financially the best way to go. Maybe I'll find a set of take-off housings and practice on those instead of mine.
  8. WTB factory Chevy/GMC 20" wheels

    ttt....still searching for something local (prefer not to deal with shipping).
  9. Are you talking about something like the retrofit source?
  10. I know this post is a little old, but do you happen to have any install pics to share?
  11. Does anyone know if the OEM HID headlight housings, ballast, etc are plug-and-play? If I found a 2015 donor truck with OEM HID headlights, could I easily swap the housings with my halogen housings? Disconnect the HID harness/ballast and install them on my truck?
  12. WTB factory Chevy/GMC 20" wheels

    I'm still searching for a set of factory 20" wheels. I've searched Craigslist high and low (don't do Facebook), and still can't find anything reasonable. I'd honestly prefer without tires, but I'm really ok with anything. For some reason, people think these factory 20" wheels are like gold (maybe it's the bowtie)? You can buy Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan, etc. for $400-500; but anything GM is astronomical. Maybe I'm missing something. I can buy custom wheels for what most people are asking?
  13. 2014 stock take offs

    Are you selling the wheels only or including the TPMS, Tires, and lugs? Ever make it up to GA or TN?
  14. WTB factory Chevy/GMC 20" wheels

    I am interested. I assume they are the wheels in your profile picture (which look great) Wheels in good condition? How much are you looking to get for the set and where are you located?

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