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  1. Here is the finished product. I installed a Gator FX3 hard folding cover and a backrack with the tonneau cover extension. Both installs were fairly easy.
  2. Agreed. I cut along the inside edge of the trough that was there and it was very easy.
  3. I was considering using one of these at first!!!
  4. I just purchased a Gator FX3 tonneau cover and a Backrack (with the tonneau cover adapter ) to install on my 2017 Sierra 1500. Which one should I install first or does it really matter?
  5. Thank you all for the advice!!! I’ll post some pictures after I cut it this weekend.
  6. Just purchased my first truck 3 days ago and I'm going to install a Backrack as well as the Gator FX3 tonneau cover. I've watched all of the installation videos and read the instructions so I'm pretty confident that the install will be pretty simple. However when looking at the bed rails, I noticed that the stake pockets near the cab don't have a removable cap (like my work F150's did). I'm assuming that i can just cut this out with a razor knife or dremel tool. Has anyone had any issues with removing this? I don't want to screw this step up and have to replace the entire rail since i just put a good chunk of money down for the truck. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!!

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