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  1. yes I found that thanks to this forum ...told dealer and "we are following it " I will be on them constantly yet politely and have them document the smell on my every visit ....
  2. My only issue so far on my '15 with 30,000 miles is the coolant smell up front by the grill which Chevy says is Normal ..???? its documented so we shall see what happens
  3. what are you calling "Heavy Duty Pickups "
  4. my '15 ......z71 has chrome bumpers ... console .. non heated buckets . no nav z71 trim and grilles
  5. I remember when my '07 was 2 weeks old ...in a Target lot ...parked on far side all by its lonesome... came out to see a cart being blown by the wind...directly towards drivers door ..... I could not run fast enough ... so I turned away as I could not bear to watch ....
  6. its a nice unit ... dual axles 12 ft ... only downside is no brakes which I wish it had I did add 1 or 2 extra lights ...( 24 extra markers lol ) ..the lower ovals are strobes which activate as directional and brake lights ...really wakes the person behind you up during dark and during snow storm driving
  7. Front Hub Bearing issue

    try Eastern Bearing in Providence on eddy street great company very helpful
  8. I really can't wait till stock tires wear out ...I always run Michelins as replacements .. great ride .. great traction pulling Snomobile trailer in snow... and most of all great tire life overall...
  9. do you have the auto climate ? maybe moisture in vents .. try running ac but temp at comfortable level to stay warm ...
  10. just something to ad and maybe others can input .. I always was told to put the shut off on the neg cable ... as the positive connections and switch are more prone to corrode
  11. I would think and just my thought that a dealer is not going to bother you with a " leveling kit " but as soon as you say " LIFT " kit their eyes light up a bit ...no matter if a 2 1/2 lift or a 27 inch lift ... a lift kit is a lift kit
  12. I have a '15 I grasp the lower dash under the rattle firmly and give a slight tug ... gently please.. usually stops the rattle for a week or two ...eventually after 4 or 5 attempts in different spots it goes away forever .....
  13. I recommend putting a separate battery on the trailer to power the winch ...a good deep cycle .. then use a 7 pin trailer plug and use the hot wire to charge the battery as the truck is running / driving .... running a winch directly off truck power source is inviting trouble ...IMHO...

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