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  1. I have a 2014 Sierra with 27k miles & mine started to do that occasionally. With it being winter, I just went ahead & replaced it before it had a chance to leave me stranded.
  2. That’s odd. I’ve had two different dealerships print mine off for me without me even asking for it.
  3. He removed the covers but not the seats. He was able to raise the seat high enough to reach underneath & detach all the clips from the covers & peel the covers back far enough to remove the elements. He was also to remove the fan assembly from under the seat but I guess there was some wiring harness for the drivers alert seat vibrators that had to be disconnected first.
  4. Picked my truck up today from getting both heated seats repaired. Driver’s side was a bad element & blower. Passenger side just had a bad element. The tech said he was able to make the repairs without removing the seats. Price came to $810 but was covered by extended warranty. Unfortunately, the heaters still suck. I can feel the heat but it takes a long time and they don’t get very hot. Far cry from my old 06 Silverado. Those worked great.
  5. 2014-2017: DL8, DL3, Towing Mirror Upgrade – Mirrors Explained https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_fid=33003&share_tid=198157&url=http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/applications/tapatalk/index.php?/topic/198157-2014-2017%3A--DL8%2C-DL3%2C-Towing-Mirror-Upgrade-%E2%80%93-Mirrors-Explained&share_type=t http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/198157-2014-2017-dl8-dl3-towing-mirror-upgrade-%E2%80%93-mirrors-explained/
  6. Thanks. That’s interesting because I’ve ran two different brand LEDs in my 2014 Sierra & neither needed the anti-flicker module. One would think either all 2014s would need them or they wouldn’t. Same goes for the LEDs. I don’t get it...
  7. They are known for having crappy seat heaters; however, it’s not really nailed down to a single issue. For example, my 2014 is going in tomorrow because neither bottom seat heaters work but they don’t share the same problem. There wouldn’t be a recall as it’s not a safety concern. I believe there is a TSB on it though.
  8. There’s a few companies online that offer that upgrade. Do a search for IO6 upgrade. There’s also tutorials showing how to do it yourself. It’s not as difficult as it may appear. Get out your wallet, it’s not a cheap upgrade. https://www.gm-navigation.com/shop/2014-2015-io3-to-io5-6-basework-truck-8-upgrade-gmc/
  9. Well, most anything can be fixed, just depends on your individual skill level. You’ll have to troubleshoot the problem of why they don’t work & then make the necessary repairs. More than likely, the seat will have to be removed and at least partially disassembled. If you’re comfortable with all that, then you can maybe do it yourself, otherwise you’ll have to take it to the dealer.
  10. XM Weather is apart of SiriusXM, not OnStar.
  11. I’ve got a 2014 Sierra Denali with 27k miles that was in the shop this week for both heated seats not working. They ordered the parts & I’m going back in next week to get them fixed. The backs heat fine but the bottoms don’t. I was told the element is bad on one seat & the blower is bad on the other. Thankfully I purchased an extended warranty that’s covering it 100%.
  12. Did you need to install the relay harness with those? Also, did they fit behind the dust cap?
  13. Correct. I have a 2014 Sierra Denali from Canada. The IO6 system was stripped down with no apps. I ended up buying an MVI upgrade just so I could get the Weather & Pandora apps. CarPlay was an added bonus. Not sure about the US trucks but my headlights are always on at night if the vehicle is not in Park. No way to turn them off even by the switch. Pisses me off because if I’m hunting & want to pull into a field or something, I can’t shut the lights off. My fuel economy “calculator” is also weird. It measures the last 31, 62, or 404 miles. I’m assuming a US vehicle would be 50, 100, 250, or something like that. There’s no way to change it. My undercoating was also in very rough shape. I scraped everything off myself & resprayed it. There was also pine needles stuck absolutely everywhere. There’s also some misc badging that’s different than the US trucks, like the airbag indicator light.
  14. Sorry, I don’t at the moment. I can maybe take some pictures later, otherwise there’s a bunch online via a Google search. The visibility with the 5000k lights is decent. I also have a set of OPT7 Fluxbeam X that are 6000k and I’m not impressed. I can’t tell if it’s just the color that gives the illusion of not being very bright or if the output just isn’t that good. Overall, the headlights on the 14-15 Sierras pretty much suck. Supposedly HIDs are good but I just don’t want to deal with them.
  15. If they went out, you’d have to replace the assembly. Otherwise, there’s aftermarket LED strips available but you have to open the headlight assembly to access them. I have 5000k LED headlights in my 2014 Sierra Denali & they match the OEM LED strips (DRL) pretty well.

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